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    Give me my money back Hollywood!

    We've all been there...mesmorized by the trailer that promised thrills and fanboy wet dreams, only to pay our hard-earned money and watch as 90-120 minutes of our petty lives are washed down the drain that is Hollywood.

    Who owes you money?

    *One rule: this has to be legit rip-off, not a case where, LIKE ME, you threw caution into the wind and still saw Battlefield Earth....they don't owe me money back, shame on me for willing stupidity.

    I'm talking about movies like:

    Congo.....awesome trailer, but WTF was up with the sign language monkey and Ash being torn apart by Harry and the Hendersons? GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK HOLLYWOOD!
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    Batman and Robin looked decent from the previews. And, hey, Bane.

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    there aren't that many movies that i go "wow, i've just got to see that." more often it's "i'll go see that even though i expect it to completely suck." kinda like IJ 4.

    i did think crank would be more enjoyable than it was, based on the previews. but then i only rented it for free at the library so hollywood doesn't owe me any money - just my 90 minutes back.

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    Underworld - I was completely blown away by the trailer and it turned out to be one of the most boring pieces of crap I've ever seen.
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    The Dark Knight - they sold the movie on The Joker and then he's not in it enough.

    It was a dishonest bait and switch. Lure me with the awesomeness of Ledger's Joker and then torture me with Bale's Growling and Aaron Eckhart's Presence.

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    "Doom" with The Rock and Carl Urban sucked.
    So did the last "Pirates of the Carribean."
    They should have paid me to see them.
    Hugely dissapointed with "The Day The Earth Stood Still" I want my $1 refund from Redbox.

    "Congo" was better than any of those.
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    Jurassic Park /// was a major crapfest with no story, shoddy science, lousy CG, and plot holes you could lose an aircraft carrier in. It might not have been quite as bad as a generic carpy dino film, but this was continuing (sort of) where two Crichton/Spielberg collaborations left off. And William H Macy was wasted.

    Same goes for X-Men 3, which I expected to not be X2, but thought would not induce vomiting. The only good things in that movie were Beast and Kelsey Grammer's portrayal of him.

    I've got to disagree with you on the last Pirates flick, which I thought was the best of the three. However, I can see how it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea.

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    The Village.....M. Night Shalalmaya or whatever made this look promising in the previews, but the movie was boring, and the ending was just pure garbage.
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    Spider-Man 3: They took everything I loved about the first two Spider-Man films, threw that out the window, and made all the same mistakes that doomed the KKC Batman franchise (KKC = Keaton, Kilmer and Clooney). In other words, not so much a movie, but more of a bloated and overcrowded piece of crap. What a terrible way to end a great film franchise.

    Indy IV: I didn't expect it to be on the same level as the previous films, but I didn't expect it to be horrible either.

    I could list X-Men 3 also, but I felt so burned by the first X-Men film, that I didn't even bother to watch X2 and only saw X3 on cable a few years later. Aside from Beast, it had no redeeming qualities. In fact, it was a completely pathetic and lazy attempt to bring the Dark Phoenix Saga to the big screen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsAndHeels View Post
    The Village.....M. Night Shalalmaya or whatever made this look promising in the previews, but the movie was boring, and the ending was just pure garbage.
    The Happening belongs in this category too.


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