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    Wal*Mart Moves Figures...

    Hey everyone,

    I had read on here that WM was going to be moving their stock of Star Wars figures...but the question was: where?
    I went in there tonight, thinking that they wouldn't have moved them (our WM doesn't do I figured that they wouldn't do this either, or at least not yet). When I got to the normal aisle, they were gone, and I checked most of the toy section for them: no where to be found.
    Do you know where I finally found them? In the clearance aisle, and they're not clearance items. And on top of that, the price increase was in effect as well.
    It apparently seems that WM does not like Star Wars collectors. First they raise the price, and then they move them to where most people wouldn't be looking for them.
    But anyway, if you have trouble finding them in your WM, the clearance area (if you have one) is probably a good place to look.

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    The figures at my Wal-Mart were also moved to the clearance aisle also, but they were actually marked down to $3.00! I asked around and found out there getting ready for the deluxe figures Amanaman, Luke, and Leia. Also the new wave is also arriving soon, their just getting rid of the 30 Tusken Raiders they have on the shelfs!
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    Clearance SW Items

    My wife and I hit 3 walmarts over the weekend and found that one had figures on clearance for $2.50, one had no figures at all,
    and another had the best selection I have ever seen at a Walmart. They had multiple figures from the past few waves of potj. But of course they were priced at $6.44.
    So it appears that walmarts inconsistant SW pricing continues.

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    Sith Worm, keep an eye on that Wal-Mart of yours. It seems to be the only one in the area that has a toy department manager with a brain. Remember, I gots to have me some Amanaman!

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    Question HUH?

    All the Wal*Marts that I have been to in WA. have plenty of POTJ all priced at 6.44. One of them had a ton of the Duros Wave, Aurra Sing wave, and Sandtrooper wave, fresh cases of them. They still had Sandtroopers left, Duros left, and Aurra left. That tells me that they are still getting POTJ. And they didn't move them. Infact, now that I think about it, I think they had MORE POTJ than usual. Hmmmmmm.........
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    Thumbs down

    Yeah, I had the same stupid experience at my local WM as you guys. See the "What the freak?" thread in this section.
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    Thumbs up

    After all the success I have had at my local Wal-Marts I got the shock of my collecting life yesterday. When I went in to the Apple Valley (High desert SoCal) Wal-Mart, they didn't even have shelf space for them (I didn't check the clearance aisle). The figures were actually on the little hangers you see on the frames of the shelves where the cheap 99 cent toys go.
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    My Walmarts just put out several fresh cases of POTJ, all for $6.44. They were located scattered on different pegs, throughout the action figure aisle, but not all together. One full peg at one end, another full peg at the other end - maybe to discourage scalpers ?

    I'm just a little concerned that since there is no "dedicated" peg space anymore, that we will see less product ordered & stocked than we have been used to, which will only serve to make POTJ harder to find.

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    WM clearance

    I check a local Super WM last night and found they had a hefty selection of potj on clearance... but the price was an even $6.00.
    which is more than they were originally priced before the mark up.

    If their going to clearance the figures at least price them to move.

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    My local Wal-Mart just discounted its POTJ to an even 3 bucks a pop. Their selection was meager--just a few Chewie Mechanics, Han Bespins, a Sebulba and a crap load of Porkins and Hoth Leias. The aisle was alo sorta of hidden--it is perpendicular to the toy aisle. They had some other SW toys in that aisle (Such as the 12' Darth Maul with Speeder Bikes) but they weren't on clearance.
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