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    Introducing a new site for SW Micro Machines fans!

    Hello fellow collectors,

    I'm spreading the word about my new website, all about Star Wars Micro Machines:

    The site is a work in progress, and there are new additions every day. Check out the Master List tab to find a complete list of all known Galoob Star Wars Micro Machines, many of which have links to detailed pictures. Then head over to the Rarities tab to have a look at prototypes, first shots, old commercials and magazines, and much more!

    I'm mostly active over on the Rebelscum forums under the same username, but if you would like to talk about Star Wars Micro Machines, feel free to drop me an email at starwarsgaloob AT gmail DOT com!

    Hope you enjoy the site, MTFBWY!


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    As I said on RS really cool job you did!
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    Hey everyone,

    This is a shot in the dark, but does anyone know anyone who actually worked on the Star Wars Micro Machines line? I'd really like to interview any sculptors, designers, advertisers, etc. If you have any contacts, PLEASE forward them to starwarsgaloob AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!

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