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    What Have YOU Done?

    This might sound ominous and accusatory (no, YOU did it! ), but it's actually a serious topic. I just finished a two-week run of the play Our Town, where I played undertaker Joe Stoddard, as well as signing in the choir (and I have a terrible voice, but it's amazing what a group of people can do to drown out those who stink) and in the wedding scene. It's one of the best experiences I've ever had, even with 2 prior months of rehearsals. It made me wonder, what are the accomplishments you've made in your lives? And any time to make lists is a good time!

    BEL-CAM'S TOP TEN (OR SO) ACCOMPLISHMENTS (in no particular order):
    1. 3-month driving trip (16,000+ miles) across southern part of U.S.
    2. winning Employee of the Year in '95.
    3. Our Town play
    4. attending summer Writing Project seminars ('03, '05)
    5. attending speech by Desmond Tutu at college
    6. getting my BA degree in Social Studies and Teaching Credential
    7. coaching my youth basketball team to the '95 league championship
    8. running a 4:32 1500 meter (4:52 equivalent mile) race
    9. ?
    10. ??
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    1. Employee of the month at Wal-Mart February 2000
    2. Employee of the month at Wal-Mart February 2001
    3. Trooper of the month June 2005
    4. Trooper of the month June 2006
    5. Raised $1,200.00 for the american cancer society 2005
    6. Raised $1,050.00 for the american cancer society 2006
    7. raised my son the last four years, single
    8. I'm thinking, I'm thinking
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    posted nearly 10,000 times at SSG

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    Collected all three variations of the 2006 Robin Yount bobblehead.
    Ran a marathon.
    Watched Saw I and II with Caesar back-to-back last Saturday.
    Hit a deer with my car.
    Not quit UPS.
    Won my work fantasy football regular season title and Super Bowl (not the same year).
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    1. Won the ACS Distinguished Service Award when I graduated with my BS Chem (with a whole list of minors/co-majors) from Creighton. Although that Merck Index is a pain to move everywhere.
    2. Got accepted into my neuro program, and got a small grant of 150k for equipment and materials this summer (got 25k or so left I wish I could use as sallary but some adminstrator is screwing me over with it)
    3. Whistle blew on a company covering for an oil drilling company poisoning a small town at my first job (and waiting the statue of limitations out so I don't get sued)
    4. Have gotten 2 Summer REU grants, 1 at Creighton and 1 at Iowa before I was accepted in my program
    5. Self taught myself carptentry and have built my book cases, dvd case, SW Case, Kitchen Pantry, Cantina dio, Jabba palace dio, Death Star Detetion Dio.
    6. Convinced at least 3 people to adopt a child at various stops along the way
    7. Think i'm sitting at 3 scientific publications as name tacked on, soon to be 4 (1st as primary hopefully...submitting tomorrow, will know in a few months). 2 poems published as well.
    8. Been frisked by the Secret Service 2 times in 3 weeks during the Election 2000 (Once in St. Louis and once in Milwaukee). Bonus Al Gore remembered I had blue hair and dreads the second time.
    9. Been finger printed but not arrested so I could work on some DoD projects.
    10. Some how hoping to make this list irrelevant in 4-5 years except for #6.
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    I pooped twice today
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    1 (TIE) Have maintained a happy and healthy marriage for over 11 years.
    1 (TIE) Have fathered and am helping raise 2 healthy, beautiful children.

    - Have instructed nearly 200 children in drug awareness and ways to avoid other risky behaviours, only one of which I've encountered later in a negative way.

    - Chased a bank robber on foot for 6 blocks, arrested him and recovered $800 from his person (he also confessed on the way back to the office).

    - Have wrested a knife away from a suicidal female, possibly saving her life.

    - Have been involved in the seizures of over $1,000,000 worth of illicit drugs.

    - Have assisted a number of prostitutes get spots in detox and rehab centers which has actually helped a few of them get off the street.

    - Have shot a perfect pistol score on qualification day (meaningless to lots of people, but I put a lot of pressure on myself to attain this goal so it's satisfying to me).

    - Have managed to stay a loyal Tigers fan even through the dark days of the past 19 years

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    In no particular order...

    1. got my BS's in Biology and biochemistry from Virginia Tech: Go Hokies!
    2. have worked in HIV and HPV research
    3. Have 6 journal articles published in some really good scientific journals; presented a poster at a big meeting of the scientists in my field in Atlanta last month.
    4. Have 2 more articles submitted and pending publishing
    5. Founding father of my chapter of a fraternity that does not haze or pledge...ever
    6. Joined a group called the Jaycees here in MD and became chapter president in 3 years.
    7. Went on to become a state level Individual Development Vice President this year.
    8. Raised over $45,000 the year of my presidency for charity (mostly) and chapter activities
    9. Helped build a 1 mile haunted hayride in what was just a forrest before which accounted for $28,000 of the above.
    10. Sat on the committee which started a citizen corp chapter in my town
    11. managed to collect all the star wars stuff I can without my wife divorcing me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kidhuman View Post
    I pooped twice today
    I'd say that this trumps, by far, any other accomplishment that is listed on this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kidhuman View Post
    I pooped twice today
    If you don't mind my asking, why were you in the shower twice in one day?
    That's my jacket!

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