Hey all!

I've been gone from this site for a few years now, and I haven't been an active collector for even longer than that.

My life has changed quite a bit since I was actively pursuing anything Hasbro/SW related. I think I "officially" stopped back in 2009/2010, whenever the Clone Wars Y Wing and Jango Fett Slave I super battle pack came out. I bought the Yoda Jedi Starfighter pack a couple of years ago when it came out, but that's because it was pretty cool and it fit with what I have.

Long story short, after lots of time and money spent, I have decided that I am going to try and sell my collection. At the very least, whittle it down to a much smaller pile. My wife and I still don't have any children, and the house we bought a few years ago doesn't have the grand space that my wife always envisioned for me to display everything, my priorities and passions in life have changed, and my nephews (and now nieces!) just don't come over to our house often enough to justify having so much.

Has anyone else gone through this and does anyone have any advice on how one goes about liquidating an extensive collection? Mine has from the beginning always been a open/loose/complete collection to be enjoyed by children of all ages, so except for all the multiple, discontinued/hard to find vehicles, it's worth is pretty much subjective.

One idea that I had was to rent a booth at one of the local antique malls down the street from us. Some of these places look pretty sketchy and are pretty much rummage sales, but the one I have thought about is pretty high end and has lots of light, is carpeted, and very nicely curated booths and shelves.

My wife is going to start taking photos for me with her Nikon D/SLR so I can put some Craigslist ads together.

Anyone have any thoughts or advice on this subject?

Thanks and Happy Friday!