Even though drunk driving wasn't a crime yet? Plus who was alive in 1969 and aware of such a thing or did you only hear about it afterwards? The only crime he could be charged with he was, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, and served a suspended sentance. So passing Civil Rights (you don't have to take a reading test or pay a poll tax), Family and Medical Leave Act, COBRA, SChip, Federal Subsidized Student Loans, Campaign Finance (post Watergate), the Privacy Rule and HIPPA, minimum wage increases, The American's With Disabilities Act, expansion of America Corps to fulfill educational and urban renewal goals, etc isn't worth mentioning because it's not like that touches more people's lives or anything. Being a Senator doesn't make you perfect given the number of aldulters, embezzlers, and leeches to power who do nothing. Never mind the personal demon he carried around wondering when he was going to get shot in public like his brothers; he was an alcoholic in a time when being an alcoholic was just laughed at and it cost him and some one else, yet people want to relativize it to the norms of today. He worked hard for his state's people, for people to have oppurtunities, and is in the conversation as the greatest legislative senator in US history. The ironic thing is, he worked his whole life for mental health parity (amongst bigger health care goals), so had it been passed in '68 instead of '98, the whole thing could've been avoided.