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Last night just before bed KCET aired an episode of Visiting with Huell Howser, he was in a donut shop I think in OC and absolutely enthralled in watching some teenager flip chocolate twist donuts, and he was entirely genuine about it. Check out this article that Tom Lennon (The State, Reno 911) wrote for KCET about Huell's passing, it's really good: http://www.kcet.org/shows/tvtalk/tv-...-internet.html There's several more articles there which are also moving in their own way.

I keep forgetting how talented a mind Andy Richter really is, he doesn't get nearly enough chance to shine, but reading this article he wrote about Huell actually brought a tear to my eye:

Oh, and check out this event, apparently the city of LA will be putting all flags at half mast on the 15th during a sunset salute to honor Huell Howser, that's an amazing deal when you consider how big and varied the city is, I may go to this event, I'm free on Tuesday.

Anyway, Huell Howser is an amazing and tragically unique person - we could surely use more like him. I had looked up his history for my grandparents a few years ago and they enjoyed hearing about who he was, but ultimately no matter how fascinating his story it was more important that who he was made it possible for him to do what he did that mattered most to them. Apparently Huell passed away from cancer, he didn't want a memorial or funeral or anything of that nature. He left his papers and the entirety of his show to Orange County's Chapman University, I read Huell did so not because he had a personal connection of any sort with the school but because when he went to the school's city of Orange to shoot an episode of the show on Orange, the president of the college wasn't able to meet with him for the show and sent a personally written letter of apology to Huell which impressed the man so much that an important university president would take the time to send a personal letter over something so trivial that he felt it was a place of character, so he started cutting at their studio and then donated his works including the shows to the school a year and a half ago. Chapman now has the Huell Howser Archive.
Classic Huell! "Do you own a cat?"