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    Yes, Helen Thomas, she was a pioneer and the longest serving White Hosue reporter. She covered every president since Kennedy. She was (it is said) the person who convinced Kennedy not to attend the correspondants dinner unless women were allowed.

    She was tough and well respected for her long and storied career, right up until the whole "jews go home" incident.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    One I knew from roles but not name so much: actor Dennis Farina at 69
    I was a bit confused when I saw this in the paper, because he looked different. I also thought he was on NYPD Blue instead of Law & Order. So I had to look up NYPD Blue to see that the person I was thinking of was Dennis Franz.

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    Eileen Brennan, best known for her Oscar nominated role as Capt. Doreen Lewis in the 1980 hit "Private Benjamin" has passed away at the age of 80 after her battle with cancer.

    More recent role included the cat lady in Jeepers Creeps. She did a lot of television parts throughout the 90's.
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    Football player and wonderful storyteller Art Donovan, 88.
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    The older sibling on That 70s Show, Lisa Robin Kelly at 43, apparently at a rehab facility. Sad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    The older sibling on That 70s Show, Lisa Robin Kelly at 43, apparently at a rehab facility. Sad.
    I just saw the "Then and Now" pictures, WOW! Sad indeed.
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    I heard about that, and immediately thought what a sad thing to happen in such a frustrating manner, when she was trying to seek help. Of all the regulars on That 70s Show, she played the character that I felt was the most 1970s of all of 'em, she had the hair, the mannerisms, the selfishness, just a real piece of behavior work that wasn't merely tapping into her existing personality, but was a real performance that took skill. I'll never forget the episode where Eric accidentally walks in on his parents doing it, and Eric goes through the next few days in a haze of internalized horror, and when Laurie finally finds out she becomes comforting and sympathetic and tries to be helpful, and it was such a funny performance on her part.
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    Elmore Leonard. Such a prolific writer...

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    Gil Taylor 1914-2013. Director of Photography on Star Wars.

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    David Frost, international journalist, at 74.

    And another, former boxer and Rocky V actor, Tommy Morrison at 44.
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