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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Malakite View Post
    Mickey Rooney and John Pinette have passed away.
    I had heard about Mickey but not about John. I loved his comedy.

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    The Ultimate Warrior has passed. I watched a video of his appearance on Raw the night before his death. It was eerie.

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    I only became familiar with John Pinnete's name recently when I was trying to look up his routine about the Chinese buffet. I had trouble finding it because I had assumed it was a Louie Anderson bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mad slanted powers View Post
    i only became familiar with john pinnete's name recently when i was trying to look up his routine about the chinese buffet. I had trouble finding it because i had assumed it was a louie anderson bit.
    you've been here four hour, you go now!

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    Was very surreal to see The Ultimate Warrior on Wrestlemania XXX, and Monday Night Raw, only to see that he passed away Tuesday, RIP Warrior
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    I saw him on RAW as well the night before he passed. Very eerie.......

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    I heard what he said on Raw on a number of sports talk shows and it was really spooky, somebody said it was like he gave his own eulogy.

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    "Every mans heart, one day, beats its final beat." It was like he knew.

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    The incomparable Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Looks like someone else will have to take the "Greatest Living Writer" title.
    That's my jacket!

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    While not dead its been reported that the "Rhinestone Cowboy" Glen Campbell has been moved to an Alzheimer's facility.


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