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    GI Joe Movie Toys

    I just saw them for my first time yesterday in Target.

    They had all the figures they were showing on the back of the cards.

    Baroness looked sort of anorexic, but that could just be me. I think her glasses are removeable.

    I really liked an unmasked figure of Stormshadow - both figures of him look quite nice. Do you ever see what Snakeyes looks like beneath his mask?
    His figure was cool, too.

    They only had mini-vehicles for Joe out. The older Joe line had larger toys like planes and such. But I'm sure more movie stuff is coming. It was interesting and compared with other Joe figures, I didn't thought this line looked good overall. But it's not the best Joe has ever done, by far. Older figures look more colorful and thicker and better designed.

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    There's actually been some discussion in the all-purpose GIJoe thread, but the name does seem to indicate it's only the 25th Anniversary line, so I can understand if you didn't see it.

    There are more figures than are shown on the cardback, but stores don't seem to be consistent about what's out. Or they could've been picked through. I know I only wanted Shipwreck out of the figures who are out now (since the figure is close to his modernized, "non-Village People" look aside from the armored torso), and he looked to be only one per case, so it's possible the more heavily produced figures were all that remained at your Target.

    The Target I went to had three of the four larger vehicles (I'm guessing on the fourth since it was on the checklist). They were overpriced (especially the miniaturized Night Raven at $50--that thing looks smaller than the $25 Rattler and Conquest from earlier this year), but they all looked like they'd be worth getting on clearance, especially since the pilots are the only Cobras who would fit in with the 25th Anniversary line. There's also a Pit playset/vehicle that is no way worth $100, but is sweet enough that I'd get it on sale in a heartbeat; it's got lots of cool vintage nods worked in.

    And, though I have no idea what the deal will be in the movie (where it's rumored he merely took a vow of silence and wasn't severely burned), we have seen Snake Eyes' face. Prior to major reconstructive surgery, he was one ugly fella, but I guess taking the brunt of a helicopter explosion with your face will do that to you....
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    Dude! He kind of looks like Chuck Norris!

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    The scale of the vehicles won't change much. The "larger" vehicles of the 80s are gone. You're going to have these midsized hybrids passing themselves off as Larger vehicles now. While there is some recycling, there's the Armadillo tank, Ferret 4-wheeler, and even the Ice Saber from the Joe vs Cobra lines coming back in the ~$15 range.

    The figures for the most part are just new sculpts and parts based off what has been seen in the GI Joe line for the past 3 years with the 25th Anniversary/Resolute line.
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    I saw a 12 inch Cobra Commander earlier at Target. Holy hell, what an ugly piece of junk!!

    It was bad enough when I first saw the regular sized figure, but this one is just awful.

    I did buy a regular size Storm Shadow, however.
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    I think my Walmart is boycotting the movie, they haven't put out a single figure yet.
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    Baroness's glasses are removable but I advise that you don't do so. The face is quite manly and wrinkled!

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    I saw the figures at Target. They're not too bad. The vehicles though meh.
    I ended up buying a Bravo Team A1 Abrams 1:18 Tank on clearance for $20.
    They were clearing out the large realistic military vehicles. They do take up a lot of shelf space and are right next to the GI Joe section.

    I dunno, looking at the little Armadillo kiddie car tank, then looking at the huge Abrams, It didn't take much of a decision. Good thing Target cleared them out or sales might suffer for the Joe vehicles IMO.

    Duke looked like he had on Desert Storm fatigues, complete with night scope on his helmet. I might pick him up just to go with the tan Abrams I just got.

    Destro looked pretty close to his Resolute outfit.

    Some custom applications possibilites with these Joe figures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    I think my Walmart is boycotting the movie, they haven't put out a single figure yet.
    Official street date is still July 10. I'm not going to waste my time looking for this stuff until then because the stores here are usually pretty strict about release dates.
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    it's all over at the target i stopped in today. gonna have to pass on most of this til it hits clearance. toys are just getting to be too expensive to pay full price.


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