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    Oh yeah, my bad. The one with Footloose, Lady Dial-Tone, Zartan, Law & Order, and some heavy machine gunner I don't remember from the original (Repeater?). Haven't seen the Cobra equivalent at Ross.
    Very nice. I was hoping it might be this set but figured it had been too long since it came out.

    I decided against getting that one, because I was so annoyed that they went out of their way to make 25th versions of the classic costumes then made them all desert troops instead of doing them in their classic colors. Later I decided I might pick it up, theoretically to customize them to their old colors, but in practice to throw them on the project pile and never get around to it.

    I guess I'll be swinging by some Ross stores in hopes of picking this up.
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    I hit 5 Ross/Marshalls today and only found 2 Artic Hisses. There were multiple Sky Hawks and FLAKs, but nary a Stinger was to be found tonight. I picked up both of the TRU sets and was tempted to add a couple of Mole Pods, but did not. I kept hoping in vain that I'd stumble across a Lava Pod/Volcano Viper, but no luck. I've yet to see one at retail (or at clearance, considering it was Ross).

    Additionally, I recommend visiting Big Lots. Lots of cool, cheap Power Team Elite stuff has been stocked. I'm looking for the city in ruins (forgot what it was called) playset. It took me almost 2 years to find their command headquarters. I picked up 2 watch towers and 4 SWAT figure/diorama sets.

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    Marshall's had one blue ROC Firebat today for $9.99, making it $3 cheaper than the one I saw last week at Ross, which is a bit unusual. They also had the only comic pack that was left (Wild Bill vs Scrap-Iron) on clearance for $5. Not sure if this would be the case at other locations, or if it would apply to other comic packs.
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    I found one Arctic HISS, now in my possession, at a local Ross today. No sign of any of the other vehicles though.

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    One local Target marked the small (Alpha?) POC vehicles down to $13.09, with a yellow sticker that said "Price Reduction" and had no ending date, about two weeks ago. Went by there today, and they'd marked them up to $16.99, higher than they were originally.

    Also saw a WM today that, no joke, had the mech suits on clearance already. Trouble is, they only had one, and it was the Joe model. It was also only $15, which I figure is what they'll be when the inevitable "buy one, get one half off" sale at TRU materializes in the next month or so. Those things don't seem to be selling, likely because this line hasn't caught on with kiddies, and most adults find those suits to be stupid.
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    Are they still doing the GIJoe Q&A?

    How about this one:
    "In the past, many Hasbro action figures that were hard to find, or even store or online exclusives, in their initial release have shown up at closeout stores like Ross, Marshall's, and Big Lots. We know that the final wave of Rise of Cobra Alpha vehicles (which included the highly anticipated Lava Pod with Volcano Viper) was not released in the US, but did ship to other countries, including Canada. Do you have any information as to whether some of these might eventually trickle into American closeout stores?"
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    I should have posted last Wednesday, but I am now the happy owner of 5 Artic HISSes, each of which was a mere $8.99. I picked up a FLAK/Glider also. No sign of the Stinger and I hit about 8 ROSSes. I also swiftly kicked myself for buying a case of these online last year from BBTS. It ran about $17 per vehicle, so I thought it was a decent deal. But finding packs like this has stayed my online hand from purchasing the Resolute multipack. I also picked up 1 of each of the TRU 5 packs $12.99. Just over two bucks a figure was difficult to resist.

    On the Big Lots front, has anyone found the World Peacekeepers Battlefield playset? Half of the items on the back of the packages (particularly the jets) I have never seen. I'd love to find 2 Battlefields to set up a WWII diorama with my Indy figures and the WWII marvel figs I have.

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    I regret (sorta) getting a case last year, especially since I was one of the few folks lucky enough to have found the Ghost Skyhawk last year and didn't need a second one, especially at $17. I'm holding out for the Resolute sets, too; if they didn't have repeat figures, I'd be more likely to order them. As it is, I'm only excited about the Alley Viper, and am not about to pay the online price for just him.
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    Feel like I'm monopolizing again....

    One of the Big Lots knockoff figure lines (Adventure Heroes?) has a dog in the various SWAT sets that looks like he'd be a better 25th Anniversary Order than the one that came in the TRU set. That dog was in a bunch of different figure sets, priced at both $3.50 and $6. I didn't want to stand in line, but am planning to get one, keep any usable accessories, and give the craptastic figures to my daughter to destroy as she will.
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    Three in a row! Ho ho ho!

    I got one of the PTE sets from Big Lots with a German Shepherd today. There's a sticker on the back stating it contains lead. Not that it may contain lead, but that it does. So my original plan of giving the crappy figure to my daughter is out.

    The difference between the two pups is astonishing. I'll post some pics when I can. I'm planning to make a more vintage-accurate Law anyhow, even if it means just repainting the one that came in the TRU set (sure, he'd have long sleeves, but, hey, that's a relatively minor consideration).
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