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    LEAD. Yikes! I'll have to read the boxes before I open these. I bought a few sets last week, but haven't opened them yet.

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    picked up Recondo from the POC line on Friday. he's a nice decent figure but for me personally he's going to be a Jungle Grunt as the 25th Recondo is the only Recondo for me.....
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    If you haven't already, check out this site and its extensive, enviable links:

    * link removed for inappropriate material *

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    Marshall's is getting in a TON of Joe stuff. The one at Ontario Mills in California had an entire display of just Joe toys.

    They had more of the last (uncanceled ) wave of Alpha vehicles than I could count. I know some of these were tough to find, especially the Snarler Cycle.

    The had a crap-ton of ROC figures ($1 more than their 25th figures). These included several City Strike Snake Eyes and Desert Vipers. No Kamakuras or Night Adders, though.

    Surprisingly, they had a ton of the hostile environment multipacks from a few years ago for $19.99, which, IIRC, is the same price Rite Aid had them for last year.

    And, finally, a lot of new 25th figures. Judging from what they had, it looked like a case assortment with which I was unfamiliar, one that was all desirable Cobra army builders. I was able to let reason prevail and tell me I have a pretty massive Cobra army already, but was sorely tempted by some of them. I saw quite a few each of Cobra Trooper, Python Patrol Officer, Crimson Guard, Para-Viper, JUMP Trooper, Red Ninja, Snow Serpent, and Viper. No Eels or Bazooka Troopers, though those were plentiful not too long ago, and no Ninja Viper, which was a tad unfortunate, given how HTF he was.
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    I just bought a 25th Ann. BAT at Marshall's last week. Thought it must have been a fluke, but I guess there's still a lot of this stuff out there.

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    I picked up a few Hall of Heroes figures at TRU Express for $4.98 each over the weekend.

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    Are TRU Express stores the mall kiosks? I might have to see if there's one near me if they're getting stuff like that.

    RJ, I've been seeing BATs at Marshall's for ages. If the BAT was there, there's a good chance the Eel, Para-Viper, and Wraith were there at one point as well.

    The way things are going, I would not be surprised at all to come here one day and see someone posted, "I found the Lava Pod with Volcano Viper at [Marshall's/Ross/Big Lots]!" Or to find one myself. So far as I know, though, this hasn't happened yet.

    Definitely holding out for the Resolute sets until they hit closeout stores.
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    I've been searching for the Volcano Viper set on a weekly basis, but no luck. I'm convinced we will find it at a Ross or Marshalls someday.

    TRU Expresses are stand alone stores. I've seen 3 of them in my area.

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    i got all those at marshall and tj maxx

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    Speaking of the Volcano Viper, did anyone ever determine what the story was with the orange repaint? The color scheme would be absurd on any other figure, but looked quite cool on the Volcano Viper; I actually prefer it to the black version with the Lava Pod (though I like both).
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