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    For anyone who cares, Today and tomorrow (Nov 5-6) TRU has Bravo vehicles for 50% off. ROC figures are buy 1 get 2 free.
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    Thanks for the heads-up! Wonder if they'll have the VAMP or Fury.
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    I was just at TRU. It is only ROC Bravo vehicles. Which means the Cobra Gunship and some other cobra SUV. Too bad, I wanted to pick up the Snowcat. No VAMP or Fury.

    The TRU I went to had slim pickings on ROC figures. Plenty of TRU Doc and Shipwreck. I already have Doc, so the buy 1 get 2 free didn't really work out.
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    Eh, slightly disappointing that it's only ROC. Still, if there's anything there, I might clear them out at BOGT.
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    I picked up the POC AWE Striker at Walmart a few days ago. Was going to get the Ice Cutter as well but I'm just going to wait on it.

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    I got shipping notice on the POC VAMP that I ordered from HTS so I should be getting it in few days. After the shipping code, it came out to around $18 plus shipping.

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    Just ordered the Fury and Deviant, along with Duke 1, Beach Head, Snake Eyes 2, and an extra Doom Cycle for custom fodder. Curiously, this morning was the first time I saw HTS have the Fury and not the VAMP.

    I guess they stopped handling pre-orders?

    Also, the WM 2-packs are hitting Ross. I would've snagged a few more yesterday, but my wife is getting into serious "is that really necessary?" territory and I didn't want to explain how more Night Creepers are always necessary. Hoping to swing back by there in the next couple of days.
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    The MARS 3-packs from HTS have hit ROSS for $6.99. I picked up 7 yesterday and saw at least that many more.

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    No kidding? I might have to army-build that. I always thought that was an awesome figure, far more like what Cobra soldiers should be than those weird Neo-Vipers, and it was a shame the mold was only used in exclusives (this one, the TRU multipack also at Ross, and the K-Mart multipack).
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    I decided to pick up a Night Raven from Target at $14.99.


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