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    I was reading a post on some website were a guy was at a presentation of some kind by one of the honchos at Hasbro. Said honcho was talking about how no matter how Star Wars toys perform, Hasbro's focus is always going to be on their in house products like G.I. Joe or Transformers.

    Given that fact, it seems weird--absurd more or less--that Renegade toys aren't already on shelves. To my knowledge, we haven't even seen the first prototype. There's dropping the ball, then there's whatever debacle Hasbro's engaging in with the ball.

    Given that I thought the 25th Joes were the best thing to happen to toys since the '80s, I'm really hoping that these Renegade toys don't disappoint.

    I'm looking forward to the last few PoC figures, though, if we ever see them
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    No Renegades or Prime toys until next fall. Like I said, the closeout stores, being the only stores to have anything aside from a small handful of POC figures, will be the winners here when kids ask for Joe toys. Parents either won't know the difference, or won't care.

    And I think Renegades was good enough to have a lot of kids interested in the franchise again. Strangely, people seem to like that pile of dog poop, Prime, as well.
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    i read somewhere that Hasbro is not going to change the format of the figures for the renegades cartoon but keep with the spirit of the 25th line and continue making figures that resemble the current POC figures... I hope this is true because i do not want to see Hasbro start making G.I. Joe animated figures....
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    A realistic Bio-Viper tops my list. By a long shot. Wouldn't mind getting a version of Roadblock with the muttonchops or Scarlett in her trenchcoat, either. (I suppose I could easily customize the latter using one of the billions of Paris Pursuit Baronesses sitting around everywhere.)

    It would be smart--sort of a reversal of the way toys were when we were kids, where the toys can't be made to look exactly like the cartoons or movies. I seem to recall Hasbro having mentioned at one point that they'd like to do all SW figures in the same style, but it was a mandate from Lucasfilm that Clone Wars figures be totally incompatible with all the rest.
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    As much as I'm against animated style figures, I suspect Hasbro will make toys that look like the cartoon. I still remember when Hasbro denied that there would be a separate animated line for SW. They have done that with every property they have in animation: SW, TF, Iron Man, Spiderman, and they did with Sigma 6 and Extreme, back in their days. They want to sell to kids who want to play with toys that look like the TV show. I suspect there will be a main animated line, along with the occasional realistic figure(s) or sets that are collector oriented.

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    POC wave 3 is available on HTS but of course, the Cobra shock troopers are sold out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran View Post
    POC wave 3 is available on HTS but of course, the Cobra shock troopers are sold out.
    Picked up a few of the figures. Use code HOLIDAY2010 for 25% off. I got it off the On Sale tread.

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    Gah... Tempting. I kinda want to wait to see if the Shock Trooper and VAMP get back in stock first. I know I'll need a few Shock Troopers, since they're the Platonic form of AWESOMESAUCE!!!
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    After watching Renegades tonight, I must have Major Bludd's ride, whatever it may be called.
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    I'd love that Cobra/SSS Market truck from Renegades!

    I picked up some extra POC figures thanks to TRU's 2 for 9.99 sale. Got another wave 1 Snake Eyes and Jungle Viper.


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