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    There's also a revision wave later on that's mostly, if not all, Cobra army builders. Maybe if POC goes like 25th Anniversary, we'll be seeing them at Marshall's next year for $4 apiece.

    I really, really hope they revisit the basic Cobra Trooper for the POC line.
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    I hear the new VAMP is now showing up at Ross like the Hiss and Fury. From the pictures I've sen, it looks like it belongs in the old Jurassic Park line, not GI Joe.
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    Despite that, I'd still like to pick up 2 VAMPs if I can find at ROSS.

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    No kidding. It has a more "real-world" look than the "real" VAMP.
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    I found a VAMP today. They'd finally restocked the nearest Ross with some cool stuff, including more WM 2-packs and MARS Trooper sets.

    So, who's ready to place bets on when the Resolute 7-packs wind up there for $19.99? I'm going to say early March.
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    I hope they do. I'm still waiting to see if the WM battle stations show up. I want a few more MMSs. I went to a number of Rosses today and couldn't find any VAMPs. I bought 2 more MARS sets and 2 more Night Creeper/Shockwave sets and left plenty of each. It's difficult for me to pass up figures that are less than $3. I think I'll go for another Ross run tomorrow. I really want to find a VAMP and if possible get 2.

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    The only thing that stopped me from getting another Shockwave/Night Creeper set is the sheer size of my Night Creeper army. I've got three red and three blue (and a fourth a friend who wanted Shockwave but not the NC has for me), plus I'm using my two Red Fang Ninjas as Night Creeper Snipers, and decided when I saw the pink Elite Viper that my (who knows how many at this point) Elite Vipers are now modernized versions of the second (or maybe third) Night Creeper figure.

    Seriously, Snake Eyes probably would crap his pants if he saw the sheer numbers of my Night Creepers, Red Ninjas, Ninja Vipers, Fireflies, Hebi Vipers (a custom intermediary rank between the basic blueshirts and Ninja Vipers), and miscellaneous Storm Shadows being used as generic Cobra Ninjas.
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    I picked up a Creeper/Shockwave set from Ross yesterday, as well as an extra POC wave 3 Duke. The extra Duke will go into the VAMP.

    Also I tried head swapping that figure with the Resolute Arctic Duke since I don't like the molded headset but the neckpost on Arctic Duke is too long.

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    Finally found a VAMP at the Beverly Connection Ross. Picked it up with 2 Furies. It took going to 10 Rosses (from Whittier to La Cienega)!!!! Left a slew of WM 2 packs, ROC wave 3 leftovers, and a small army of MARS packs.

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    I finally found wave 3 POC Snake Eyes today!

    Still working on those Shock Troopers though a friend picked up 2 for me already.


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