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    Scoured more Rite Aids today and no Resolute packs. I did get a massively clearanced Charlie Brown Christmas Tree for $2 and change, though.

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    I got the HISS and the Desert Raven from Ross. I can't figure out where the sticker for the rear cockpit is supposed to go. Stickers for the Raven weren't that bad until I got to the cockpit.
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    I got the HISS and RAM cycle from Ross today. Decided to pass on the Sand Serpent for the time being as the Star Viper didn't look that great to me.

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    Man, I'd really rather they don't make figures of those "Dreadnoks" from Renegades! Major fail! It's not a bad cartoon - it's just definitely not GI Joe, and those were definitely not Dreadnoks. I don't think figures of those characters would make for very interesting toys at all. Would've made a pretty good A-Team: The Animated Series, though.

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    These "Dreadnoks" were not to my liking either. Reminded me of Born Losers with Tom Laughlin. Billy Jack rules!

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    I love the Renegades series! Just not the Dreadnoks episode.

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    Funny, I would buy those Dreadnoks, and use them as "background Dreadnoks." In my book, there's the original three, Zartan's siblings, Monkeywrench, Thrasher, Road Pig, Zanzibar, and Gnawgahyde, and everyone else is a nameless gang member. I'd especially like the Renegades Road Pig, if only to get the concrete sledgehammer accessory to give to a custom RAH Road Pig so I don't have to make his weapon.

    Road Pig, Torch, and Buzzer were pretty clear (Buzzer was called by name, and the other two had their signature weapons). But Monkeywrench was in the credits and no one stood out as being a Monkeywrench remake to me.

    Does the name "Russel Clemmens" ring a bell? It didn't to me; however, the car salesman is named Russel, never addressed by the last name (unless I missed or forgot it), and credited with a full name. As there were no classic Joe cameos this time, I wonder if that's one, though the name isn't familiar to me.

    R2, IIRC, the sticker goes inside the cockpit somewhere. I'll check and see where but can't until tomorrow.

    Still no sign of Resolute sets. All the Rite Aids near me have Christmas clearance still, and I'm hoping this will be where they show up. Other than that, I'm just getting giggly looking at the insane prices they charge for toys that weren't former online exclusives.
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    Anyone seen any evidence of the Resolute sets at Rite-Aid, or was this a total fluke (or maybe hoax)? I've not only seen none, but not noticed anyone else mentioning it, and can't even find the thread where the guy was reporting it at another site. I'm starting to feel like I'm wasting my time every time I pass one.
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    I haven't seen anything more about it. It must have been a fluke. Rite-Aid closed all their stores here, so I hadn't thought about it. The way Ross has been getting GI Joe stuff, maybe it is just a matter of time before they get it.

    I was in a TRU this week and they had the PIT HQ for $40. I know it has been that price on their website for a while, but this was the first time I've seen it in the store. I couldn't rationalize buying it, I don't have the space to put it, and I really didn't want to explain the purchase to my wife.
    Yo momma. That's right, I said "yo momma".

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    We've got Rite Aid out the wazoo around here. I could easily walk to two from my house (though it would take a couple of hours). There's absolutely nada.

    Marshall's eventually got the Hostile Environment sets, but that was about a year (maybe two, even) after Rite Aid, and I think they cost a bit more. None of the other internet exclusives I saw at Rite Aid at the same time showed up at any closeout stores. (And I can't imagine the stupid Rebel TIE Fighter and Darth Vader vs Power Rangers outsold two sets of Cobra army builders and Rite Aid went through all the leftovers on those and not the Cobra sets.)

    I can't believe all the Rite Aids still have freakin' Christmas stuff, though.
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