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    Yeah, I'm certain the flamethrower Hydra soldier stands pretty tall.

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    So that Sideshow Crimson Guard looks pretty sweet! Best thing about it in my opinion is that the exclusive headsculpt would make for an excellent Duke! The horrific Frankenstein sculpt they actually used for Duke is what kept me out of this line in the first place. Now I'm really wishing I had picked him up!

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    I found and bought Renegades Duke, SE, CC and Firefly at Target yesterday!

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    Those have been pegwarming here. Hard. I've only got Firefly and CC, and might get a second Firefly (not to use as Firefly, of course... I'm thinking a Night Creeper Demolitions Expert). Can't pull the trigger on Snake Eyes, who looks like a minor repaint of a ROC figure, or Duke, who's inferior to the POC Duke that's a better Renegades Duke than the actual Renegades Duke.

    Seriously, these are pegwarming so hard around here, it makes me worry about all the cool stuff we've seen slated for the near future.

    And, on a related note, does the Fan Club subscription dealio look like a massive ripoff to anyone else? Of all the figures shown so far, only Iron Klaw is even remotely interesting, and his helmet is so narrow it looks ridiculous. Admittedly, they haven't shown Big Boa or Cover Girl, but I doubt Cover Girl will be more than a minor kitbash of Scarlett and Lady Jaye, and Big Boa's someone I can live without.
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    I'm leaning towards getting the subscription, but I want to know price and packaging information before jumping in.

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    I figure it's something like $50 to join the club and be eligible. Then it's likely to be at least $10 per figure, and probably a good deal more.

    The rumor list, mostly confirmed by pics, that I saw read as follows (with my comments):

    Quarrel: Awesome. An American figure who was repainted for Brazil as a new character, then had the remake of the American figure painted as the same character she already was, but wearing the uniform of the Brazilian character, now repainted as the Brazilian character who's never previously existed in the US.

    Nano-Bat: Something I'd buy at retail, but not something I need.

    Topside: Who? Looks like a Valor vs Venom guy. Turns out he's some 1990 dude I've never heard of. If he came out then and I don't remember him at all, he's easily skipped.

    Dice: I'll admit, he looks nice. But all the parts have been previously released. And I already bought the figures with all the parts at various clearance sales, so I can make the same figure, or update him myself if I want.

    Iron Klaw: Another I'd buy at retail. He'd make an awesome Iron Grenadier general. But the helmet is too small and looks weird, and he's less a "real" GIJoe character than Quarrel.

    Jinx: She looks really nice. Unfortunately, she's the Sigma Six character, who is completely different. Trained by the Blind Master or not, the RAH Jinx isn't dumb enough to blindfold herself before going into battle.

    Barrel Roll: I actually thought this was a later vintage pilot. But he's a VvV guy. (So the opposite of Topside, I guess.) He's not very cool looking, and his specialty is so stupid that Budo laughs at him.

    Sure Fire: Another VvV guy. And an MP. I can buy one MP on the Joe team. (Especially when he has a dog. Joe-scaled dog toys are awesome.) But a second one? Naaaah.

    (Tan) Grunt: Oh boy! Because some guy at Hasbro said in 1983, "Crap, we've got three new vehicles that we didn't design pilots for," we got tan Grunt, gold Clutch, and grey Cobra Officer. It only looked cool on the Cobra Officer. And the pack-in hang glider they show looks like butt.

    Cover Girl: Can't say much without having seen a pic. I just really suspect she'll be a Scarlett head on a Lady Jaye body, which isn't anything to write home about. I know they can't use Indiana Jones parts, so, unless they sculpted a new leather coat, she won't have that distinctive feature. Even if she's still unfinished, I like my custom more.

    Big Boa: Given the amount of unique tooling required and that he's an original character who'd be tough to customize (that head gave me nightmares when I tried to figure out how to do it), he's the only one on the list who'd tempt me. But if I didn't pull the trigger on their overpriced Dial-Tone, I won't do it for Big Boa. Guy never even showed up in the comics, and, hey, Hasbro will eventually make a "Weapon X Wolverine" figure.

    TNT: Who? I not only never heard of him, I can't find anything about him. Or her. Or it.
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    Thanks for the list. This is the first year I've been a member of the fan club. I always wanted to join, but this year I felt I could afford it in hopes of qualifying for this year's Joe Con Mission Brazil set (I've never owned a Joe Con set). Unfortunately, it sold out during my transaction to join the club - literally during the process of checking out. I was devastated, but I got Dial Tone who was a good figure. I may rejoin the club if the next set looks worthwhile. If the monthly figures turn out to be decent and in keeping with the 25th style packaging AND within reasonable price ranges, I think I'll buy into it.

    You know, collecting is a double edged sword. I want to get cool figures, but I am reticent to part with money and short on adequate space.

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    So, they can't make Baroness in her cool Renegades armor. They can't make the Bio-Vipers. They can't make Billy. They can't make unmasked Snake Eyes. Heck, for their mad-on for Snake Eyes, Duke, and Cobra Commander resculpts, there are several vintage costumes they still refuse to make.

    But we can get something as absolutely moronic as a "Zombie Viper"?

    Sorry. I just don't understand the collective fanboy love for such a stupid, ineffective movie monster.
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    Zombie Viper is a horrible idea. If maybe Hasbro had brought back an old EcoWarrior/ToxoViper-type concept, they might have gotten away with a similar angle, but a straight out zombie in the ranks of Cobra makes no sense.

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    The only reason I might get one is if the pieces can be easily interchanged with the Hazard Viper to make a new Toxo-Zombie. Or maybe the BAT; some sort of android trooper that uses body parts of dead troopers. Otherwise, this is one figure that, regardless of how well-made it might be, I have zero interest in.

    It looks from other forums that a lot of people are looking forward to it, so, hey, maybe I'll be helping them out by leaving it on the pegs.

    In other news, it looks like there's a running change on the 30th Steel Brigade figure. It looks like now they're using the POC Snake Eyes (Commando?) body with different paint applications and tan rockets in the backpack. I read about it earlier, then saw it tonight. Though not a huge fan of the Steel Brigade, I figured it was a big enough difference to warrant getting the one they had to go with the other two (carded basic and VAMP driver "Delta") to form a proper Joe backup squad.
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