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    I hear that TRU will have a 2 for $10 sale on figures in 2 weeks.

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    I was at Toys R Us just a little while ago. They have it all out and I saw the larger vehicles. It's OK. I'd buy Joe stuff if I didn't buy other toy lines.

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    It does seem like we could have kept this discussion with the 25th thread, but anyway:

    Picked up "Reactive Impact Armor" Duke and Scarlet today, along with Sgt. Stone (why is this guy not Flint?!) unmasked Stormshadow, trench coat Snake Eyes, and Firefly. All in all pretty good figures. The head sculpt on Duke is a little funky - I went and swapped it with the head from the series one Duke, which is much better looking. The helmet of the series one figure is now neatly obscuring the less appealing head sculpt. Series two Snake Eyes is much better looking than the basic, Series one version - he's got no mouth, for one thing. Reactive Armor Scarlet has a much nice head sculpt than the Series one version as well, and I do really like the design and sculpt of the body. The unmasked Stormshadow is another great looking figure with cool accessories in general - all except for the weird suction cup with handlebars thingie. I have no idea what this is, or what it's supposed to be used for, but I guess there are some kids out there who would like to imagine Stormshadow driving the fridge around as a means of transportation. Firefly is another big winner, in my opinion, but he is basically a repaint of one of the earlier Firefly figures from the 25th Anniversary line after all. Sgt. Stone - being that he's actually the movie version of Flint (and will henceforth be known as "Movie Flint" as far as I'm concerned) is a pretty nicely executed, if fairly basic figure. Flint was always my favorite anyway, so I just had to have him, and I think he does a pretty good job a s Flint's stand-in - I even admit that I think he makes a slightly better Flint overall, than either of the 25th Anniversary versions. I might even use him to customize a better version of the classic Flint!
    The Target around the corner from my house also had 'Jellyfish' Commander and Barbecue, but I decided to hold off until payday (rent was due this week!) Yes, I intend to buy Jellyfish Commander - who else will command my Jellyfish legions, otherwise? He makes for one hell of a crappy Cobra Commander, but I have no problem adding him to my ranks, and just pretending he's another character.

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    I still can't believe the Vipers are designed in such a way that they wouldn't make good army builders. They look like anorexic Range Vipers.
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    I want the unmasked Storm Shadow. Hopefully Wal Mart will have a few once they put them out later this week.
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    I'm waiting for the TRU sale. Hopefully there'll be a Reactive Armor Scarlet or two to purchase.

    I've seen some people on joeboards say they're going to use the Cobra Commander/Doctor figure as Cesspool or even "Battle damaged Snake Eyes".
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    Quote Originally Posted by pbarnard View Post
    I'm waiting for the TRU sale. Hopefully there'll be a Reactive Armor Scarlet or two to purchase.

    I've seen some people on joeboards say they're going to use the Cobra Commander/Doctor figure as Cesspool or even "Battle damaged Snake Eyes".
    Jellyfish Commander, I said. Jellyfish...Commander.

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    Whooooaaaa, Jellyman!!!

    (Finding Nemo reference)

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    So far I've only picked up Storm Shadow. I really don't like the figure as Storm Shadow, but as a generic Cobra ninja he'll do. I loathe the fact that he's carrying a gun. I guess they thought Storm Shadow is cool, so Storm Shadow with a gun is even cooler. I want the unmasked version, but I'm not sure I want to spend all day sifting through figures looking for one who doesn't look like he's falling asleep or daydreaming.

    I may break down and grab a Snake-Eyes, but I still hate the muscle sculpt on his body. The Ice Viper is pretty cool, and I may grab the Ferret (which hopefully will open the door for a 25th reissue when that relaunches).

    I'll almost certainly grab a Scarlett and maybe a Cover Girl, but I really don't have much interest in the other figures.
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    i'm still looking for a heavy duty that doesn't look retarded or drunk. everyone i've seen has horrible paint apps for the eyes. he's either cross-eyed, rolling his eyes at the ceiling or zombiefied and lacking any coloration for the eyes.

    was sure i'd want baroness and covergirl until i saw the poor sculpting with them.


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