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    I got the Snake-eyes Paris figure (with cloak) and the Scarlett with her hair down (to make into a Mara Jade figure.) The only Baroness I saw looked horrible and I really couldn't care less about most of the rest. I may pick up a few to do head swaps with, but that's about it.

    The good news is Target has them for 6.99 instead of the 7.99 TRU wants for them. I also saw the conquest x-30 and rattler target exclusives for $6.24 each last night but passed on them.

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    If you go to Wal-mart on the "alleged" street date to drop of scripts and walk the 100 feet or so over to the toy section and there is no GI Joe ROC out, is it really a toyline at all that will last?
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    The Target where I found Shipwreck (still the only place I've seen any) had them for $7.99.
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    One WM here didn't have anything so I went to the other one. They had the Combat Heroes, 12", and role-play out but no figures. The toy guy went in the back and brought out an island display with the figs, mini-vehicles, and pre-school battler figures. Basic figures at WM were $7.88.

    Shipwreck looked pretty good actually, more realistic than the classic version. I thought Cover Girl looked alright, but I don't care for the camo fatigues. I'm not thrilled about the way Camo Scarlett looked either. And the Baroness' face is pretty bad as many have mentioned. Masked SS looked good, but I have so many SEs that I'm not buying any more.

    I didn't see Scarlett with her hair down or Cobra Commander.

    TRU had the Night Raven, Hummer, and Jet. The Hummer actually looked pretty sweet. I might get that if TRU has a sale closer to the movie release.

    I do not like the body armor on some of these figures, too futuristic, too much like Robocop. If this is what the movie is going to feature, I'll wait until the library gets the DVD.
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    Target in Indy has them for 6.99.

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    My local WalMart has not put out any of the new movie figures as of about an hour ago. Went to Target afterwards and they had a bunch more stuff out, including a few of the Cobra Commander figs. Yuck!!

    If anyone here has purchased any of the cobra vipers, do you recommend them? I want the Elite Viper, but have yet to see him at retail.
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    The PIT Commando. Talk about accessories. I could go broke chasing this guy.
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    HAVES: HK-50 Head, Capt Typho & GI Joe fodder available still
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    while i may regret it later i won't be getting the PIT.

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    Having seen them at four Targets now, I can warn everyone to watch the prices. Two were $7.99 and two were $6.99.

    I'm definitely going to get the renamed Ferret and Armadillo w/ Thunder, but, again, on sale. These toys are just a tad overpriced compared to their 25th Anniversary counterparts. That Armadillo, the Air Chariot, and two figures (one repaint, one partly new) retailed for $2 less than the ROC Armadillo with a repainted/kitbashed figure!!

    I sort of dig the Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes, with the cape and Timber. Storm Shadow might find a place as a generic Cobra ninja in my ranks sometime, too, if he drops in price.
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    Anyone else find it ridiculous that the only way Hasbro thought of to attach the mask to 'Jellyfish' Commander's head was to put a peg hole right in the middle of his forehead under the transparent plastic? What'd they run out of glue?!


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