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    Dec 2003
    w/Capt Kirk F. on the starship Hawkeye
    Ninja Cycle w/Snake Eyes, Wave Crusher w/Eels, Claw w/Air Viper (Avac repaint), Glider w/grand Slam.

    Later on there'll be a Snake Armor and a few others.
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    Jan 2003
    hanging out at the circle K
    picked up wave crusher, glider and claw. haven't seen the cycle yet

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    I got the Target Eel and Air Viper today. Considering they're only $2 more than the basic figures, they're a steal!

    The Eel looks awesome in the black and green. His jetski thing is pretty nice, but it's weird that the rocket launcher doesn't work in the "standing" position, which is the only position that looks good. But, boy, does it look good. He's going to be an Eel commander, marshalling the other Eels and Cobra Divers into battle.

    The Air Viper comes with about three times as many bombs and missiles as can fit on the CLAW, providing lots of fodder for any Cobra armories you may want to build. The Viper coloration (silver and purple) seems silly, but looks pretty sweet in person. It's definitely a sort of night/stealth CLAW.

    A word of caution: I found what looked like a relatively fresh case. There were tons of Air Vipers and Snake Eyeses, along with a few Grand Slams. Only one Eel, though. That boy's gonna be tough to find.

    (Weird that you found no Snake Eyes cycles, Jax. Wonder what's up with that?)

    I found a Helix last week, but she had the worst paint of any figure I've seen in ages, so I passed. These toys will be around in abundance, whether the film tanks or not, so she'll be around again.
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    Anyone in the Kansas area that wants to attend the GI Joe Con as press for You must be able to take quality photos (organized in photos would be ideal) and FTP them each day day for our coverage. If interested, PM me.
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    I keep forgetting to mention that I spotted the Dragon Hawk copter, Crimson Hydra stealth plane, and the Rhino at target tis past weekend. Unfortunately, I had to pass on them as I had already spent most of my paycheck on toys already.

    I'm beginning to think there might be two different case packs for the Target deluxe - I didn't see any Snake Eyes cycles either at any of the Targets I checked this past week, but the Eels are plentiful.

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    Hmmm.... Maybe it wasn't as pristine a case as it appeared, and someone near me is army building Eels.
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    Jan 2003
    hanging out at the circle K
    picked up the lone cycle today. had several gliders and claws on the shelves, but only one wave crusher as well. got dragonhawk and crimson hydra as well.

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    Okay, I opened up the Steel Crusher last night, and it's amazing. However, a question I've not seen addressed anywhere:

    On the passenger side roof (when the armor is in the forward position), there's a hole that looks like it's for a figure to stand in. However, there are what appear to be two attachments for some accessory. Anyone know if there's some cool snap-on accessory that comes with one of the carded figures?
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    I saw the $10 Target figure/mini-vehicle packs today. They are a good deal considering the price of the basic figures. There were 2 Eels and at least 2 each of the others. Also saw the RHINO too - is that another MASK reference?
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    picked up General Hawk and Helix the other day. very nice figures. was hoping to find The Doctor or Paris Pursuit Baroness but no luck.

    still haven't seen any signs of the Target Exclusive sets though
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks


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