No word on that Steel Crusher roof thing.... weird. No one else mentions it, either.

TRU and Target are both having sales tomorrow. TRU's is another "2-for-$9.99" sale on figures, and a $10 giftcard with a $30 Joe purchase. Might get me a Mini-Night Raven.

I saw the grey Timber version of PP Snake Eyes today at Kohl's. At 10% off, 15% off on top of that, another 20% off from a coupon we got, and "no tax weekend," he was pretty cheap. I got him almost entirely for Timber, but the figure is sweet. I'm also thinking of getting a second one, trimming his neck slightly (it's hella long), repainting his body, popping an extra Greenshirt head on him, and making a nice Dr Venom.

Also, I noticed the Silly Armor Heavy Duty could, with a proper Cobra Commander head, make a passable (though not entirely accurate) figure of Cobra Commander's one-time use "anti-Snake Eyes" armor from issue #150 of the original series.