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    Quote Originally Posted by Ando View Post
    [FONT=Courier New]I also noticed that the RHINO comes with a little helicopter that looks a lot like something that was part of the Sigma 6 line but now only seats 1 instead of 2.[/FONT]
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    Quote Originally Posted by RooJay View Post
    Mattel has a 3 3/4" scale vehicle coming in their Avatar movie line that looks very similar in concept. That line looks to be pretty awesome as well, and should fit in quite nicely with my Joe collection!
    looks like it could come from the terminator universe.

    i didn't like sigma 6. couldn't adjust to the strange sizes of the toys.

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    that ship looks cool. might have to see it up close before making the final judgement but might be a cool EU Joe Vehicle
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    Some initial convention pictures are up at The new product pannel will convene at 1PM Central time. So late tonight/early tomorrow new product pics/details will be out.
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    Well it looks like a new Hiss tank is coming in 2010.
    Star Wars & GI Joe Customs
    HAVES: HK-50 Head, Capt Typho & GI Joe fodder available still
    Wants:L8-L9 Head, YVH-1 Complete (as possible),R7-T1 Complete (as possible),R7-Z0 Complete (as possible)

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    That HISS tank is going to have movable treads, which should be cool.

    The TRU sale was another disappointment for me. I checked TRU nearly every day this week for figures but all they have are Firefys and Barbecues. It's the same for every action figure sale at TRU; they don't bother stocking or restocking for them.
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    On the last day of TRU's sale, I picked up Firefly and Cover Girl.

    During the past week, my local TRU seems to have sold quite a lot of figures as the pegs, bursting to fullness last Saturday, were nearly empty today.

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    Looks like next year will be a HISS for me, and, otherwise, a mostly cheap year. The Elite Ice Viper looks like someone took the original and stripped all the coolness from him.
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    I grabbed an Angent Helix at Wally World today. She's alright, I suppose. I was reading an article about the Rise of Cobra video game and how they created a female character. I immediately realized it was Helix, which seems to be the case.

    I decided movie Storm Shadow is not Storm Shadow but another ninja group Cobra Commander contracted because of dissatisfaction with the other ninjas that have worked with Cobra. So I have unmasked Storm Shadow as the leader of that group and two masked Storm Shadows as generic members of the group. The group doesn't rely on Cobra support outside of their payment, so they use their own equipment. I purchased a 1:18 Hayabusa motorcycle for the leader to drive, and I decided I liked that, so I got some other motorcycles for the masked Storm Shadows (they can't really ride them due to the coat). Even though she has nothing to do with the ninjas, I grabbed a Ducati 748 for Helix.
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    I've been on the fence about movie Storm Shadows. I have a Night Creeper (and plan to get the second variation when it's released), two Ninja-Ku, a Red Ninja leader, five Red Ninjas (BattlePacks are a wonderful thing!), and a Ninja Viper (whose teal color precludes army building); plus, I plan to get at least one Red Fang Ninja, likely Kamakura (and repainting him into a Cobra), and possibly getting an extra Elite Viper to customize into a more practical take on the second classic Night Creeper costume (with the honking enormous helmets). I kinda like having Storm Shadow as the only ninja in white.

    BTW, I've noticed since the movie came out that Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes has dried up (dang! right when I realized I needed a second one!), and Helix is starting to become a lot easier to find (I've found something like eleven, and all but one within the past ten days). Helix's story sounds stupid; she's sort of a savant without the idiot part, who can instantly mimic any fighting art by seeing it once and count remaining bullets by, well, that was never explained. She seems like a poor substitute for Scarlett, sort of like Lady Jaye was intended to be, only Lady Jaye was awesomeness with a couple of strategically-placed missing buttons. I display Helix with guns only, not with sword, and imagine her as a sort of espionage specialist whose field of expertise is hi-tech communications. In other words, sort of like Daemon (or was it Firewall) from the Devil's Due run, except not generic and annoying.
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