I actually remember seeing PP Baroness (hee hee!) around the time the figures first dropped. Wish I'd known then that she'd be what seems to be the toughest of all to find.

A bit surprised to say this, but I picked up a third (!!!) Helix (I need the parts, like the one intact, and am not stealing from my daughter), unmasked Storm Shadow (who looks more like a young Larry Hama than the actor who plays Storm Shadow... I might have to do something about that), and the Senior Ranking Officers 3-pack with Destro (wanted the body, and figured getting two other figures for the price of two total was a better deal, and I actually sort of don't dislike the standard Viper with this particular paint scheme). Add to that a DVD Set #2 (on clearance for $9), a second Arctic Cobra set (at Rite Aid for $19.99... go figure!), a whatsherface female Imperial Officer from Force Unleashed on clearance (to mix up the looks of the female Cobras I have in the works), and the entire Legacy Collection TPM wave, and this was probably the most expensive toy day (or week) I've had in a while.