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I've decided the movie-design Vipers (which I'll wind up with quite a few of, once I get a couple suits of the SNAKE Armor and the upcoming TRU pack) are, in my world, a specialized group of Vipers called "Death Adders." They're homicidal maniacs who joined up with Cobra to have an outlet, are too dangerous to keep housed with other Vipers, and have no real skills aside from their propensity for violence. They get specialized "skull" helmets and armor that they think looks cool, but costs much less than the uniforms for any other Viper subgroup and offer only minimal protection.
I dig your backstory there - think I'll use it as well! Before that, I wasn't sure I was going to be army buidling those guys. Your story has convinced me otherwise!

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I'm going to grab a handful of these as well. In my mind, the classic-style Eels are fairly strictly frogmen and not intended to operate outside of the water. ROC Eels, I've decided, are more intended to be amphibious commandos. I may make a trip to Marauder Inc. to get them some more appropriate guns, though.
Like that one, too! That was more or less what I had in mind there anyway.

I like the way you guys think!