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    I see them as replacements for my vintage playsets, which have broken parts. I didn't realize the figures in them were based on Resolute.
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    Just Roadblock. It's the first use of the mold as Roadblock, though the body and limbs were previously used for Night Adder. Hawk, Grand Slam, the Neo-Viper, Scrap-Iron, and the MARS Trooper look like straight re-releases of the earlier ROC figures (with Scrap-Iron and Grand Slam being repaints of the 25th Anniversary figures). Tripwire is some weird hybrd Tiger Force/ROC paint scheme, and the Tele-Viper is done in more ROC-friendly colors.
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    I'd jump right on getting an Outpost Defender. My brother grabbed one, and by the time I got to Wal-Mart, they had all of them but that set. I grabbed the Surveillance Port but passed on the rest, though I kind of wish I got the missile launcher to put on one of my H.I.S.S. tanks.
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    HTS has the MARS Troopers 3pack on sale for $10 for today only:
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    Is that today only, 12/3, or today only, 12/4? I don't want to break out my spreadsheet now, but that's a pretty nice deal.... Dammit, those guys look more like modernized Vipers than the actual movie Vipers. I can't wait to find out.
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    Two sets cost $30 with shipping and CA's insanely high sales tax, or $5 per figure. Now I have six more to add to the three I already have in slightly different color schemes. Thanks, JT. You rock, and stuff. This was worth opening the ledger late at night.
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    Sure thing, glad to help.

    I don't know if it's for today, the 3rd, or technically tomorrow, so it's best that you got 'em now. I *think* they're for the 4th though, as earlier in the day, the deal was a creepy robot chimp.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    My bad, by the way, on describing the paint jobs on the WM pack-in figures. Scrap-Iron has a light grey and red color scheme, whereas the first ROC Scrap-Iron (with the renamed Ferret) was black and burgundy. The new one looks better. Too bad Scrap-Iron isn't an army builder; I've got five of him now! (I'm thinking one of those heads might wind up on a custom Robert Skelton SAW-Viper, if I can get rid of the scar....)
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    Okay, who took advantage of the Toys for Tots thing from Hasbro (or just happened to buy Joe stuff in November)?

    I got the mini Night Raven, two SNAKEs, a Coba Jetpack, two Red Fangs, two Night Adders, the Cobra TRU set, Charbroil, City Strike Snake Eyes, the K-Mart exclusive set, a Viper Commando, a Crimson Neo-Viper, and the Then-And-Now Rockslide/Polar Battle Bear set. So, by my count, Hasbro should've donated 15 toys to TFT.
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    Hello? Anyone else here?

    I picked up the Arashikage Temple today. I wasn't going to, but Chux Jr expressed interest in the two crappy figures, and I'd read this was a treasure trove of accessories. It is. The temple itself is pretty lame, and very flimsy. Snake Eyes looks like carp. Storm Shadow isn't bad; I considered a headswap with the Hard Master to make a more comic-accurate HM, but didn't feel like painting over the huge Cobra sigil and gave him to Jr as well. I could now, though, give a ninja weapon to just about every single figure I have and have some to spare. (I exaggerate, but it doesn't seem like by much.)

    Got a Desert-Viper, too. He's pretty sweet; a re-release of the Elite Viper with a treasure trove of accessories himself--goggles (not sure who from off-hand), desert Major Bludd's bandana, ROC Zartan's rifle, the standard Elite Viper holster and pistol, a new (?) vest, the nonstandard sword from the DVD pack Snake Eyes, a yari (because they're awesome--I know one came with the Crimson Viper, but I think that was a re-use also), Helix's kitchen knife, and two hatchets. All of the weapons have superior paint applications over the original releases (which, in some cases, were unpainted). He's not accurate to the classic Desert Scorpion, but far superior. I may get another one or two.

    Opened the Surveillance Port. This thing suffers badly, since it's clear there were features in the 1986 release that aren't mentioned at all in the spotty instructions. It also seems weird that it's in classic Cobra blue, when both figures are in the ROC MARS glossy red-and-black. The Tele-Viper, it turns out, isn't a repaint of the earlier version, but a Tele-Viper head slapped on a Neo-Viper body. Oh, and he doesn't have his awesome backpack or crazy "microwave gun." Bummer. Still, not bad for $15, and the fold-out diorama is actually somewhat nice.
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