I got the old one when it went on clearance. One of the few VvV sets I did get. I do think the colors look better on this release, though.

For a question, not sure how universal it'd be, but I'd love to have it:
"Although his scene appears to have been cut, Joe guru Larry Hama played a NATO general in GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Obviously, Mr. Hama wouldn't be a candidate for a mainline action figure, but have you considered (or would you consider) producing him as a convention exclusive? Something tells us he might be really popular with the attendees at Comic-Con, especially with the rumored continuation of the classic comic book series."

Or maybe...
"Some time ago, you said in a Q&A response that, though the 25th Anniversary line was on hiatus, some classic characters would find their way into the Rise of Cobra line. However, a few of these are very different from their classic counterparts (like Dial-Tone, who's now a woman), or exist in very different form in the movie (like Cover Girl). Any chance we might see more 'classic' versions of these characters to fit in with our existing 25th Anniversary collections?"