That always exciting package arrived from Marauder Gun-Runners, so it's time to get my nondescript grunt squad ready.

I had no desire whatsoever to purchase most of the RoC figures, but with their being the only Joe stuff on the shelves by and large for months, I went ahead and found something to do with them: I purchased a handful of the blue/black camouflaged main characters and Pit Commandos and repurposed them all as nameless nobodies.

First the pic of all of them together:

Then their weapons:

I opted for the Modular NVR rifle, and as much as I wanted to maintain a very uniform appearance to their weapons, they're just too modifiable for me to keep them completely the same. I gave Sgt. Stone (who will probably keep his name as the one named guy of the group) an underslung shotgun and gave the Scarlett grunt the high-power scope. Breaker grunt and Shipwreck grunt got the Combat Optic like Stone (but without the shotgun). Pit Commando #1 and Zartan grunt both got the M249 SAW. Pit Commando #2 and Cover Girl grunt got the NVR with M203 grenade launchers and R-D sights.

You can see I also got some of the Marauder stands, and they are phenomenal. I can't picture myself ever buying any other stands again. I got two clear ones free as well, and I really can't believe I didn't go with those instead. I grabbed some guns (.50 Barret Sniper Rifle, combat shotgun) for Deadpool as well and gave him the free MP7 I got, but I didn't bring him to work. I really need to go crazy for him and Punisher and get them a ton of weapons each.

So that's kind of the finger I'm giving to RoC figures. They are nobodies in my universe.