Holy crap, these two figures are SWEET! It's a shame the movie sucked so badly, since some of the toys are bloody amazing, and both versions of Cobra Commander rank really highly. I'm going to buy up the rest of the store's stock (only a couple figures each), so I can keep my original plan of using them for parts and have some "unadulterated" versions. Strangely enough, I can actually see the parts being useful for characters like Adele Burkhart and Dr. Biggles-Jones as well as unmasked Snake Eyes.

In the meantime, here's what I did with the ones I got. Just a simple head and accessory swap to create a made-up assistant for Dr. Venom (who's still unfinished, since he's going to require some painting). I call him Larry.

Edit: Crap, I got the rotation off. You can figure it out.