Okay, I'll spoil it, because I'm dying to add this question to the Q&A rotation:

"You recently announced that the 2010 Comic-Con exclusive would be Sgt. Slaughter, produced in the 25th Anniversary style, with new tooling. The two past SDCC 25th Anniversary exclusives (suited Cobra Commander and "Pimp Daddy" Destro) both were available in two different color variations. And, in the Marvel comic, Sgt. Slaughter looked slightly different from his cartoon and live-action appearances in that he did not wear his trademark sunglasses. While we realize it's probably too late to change any plans for Comic-Con, and that this particular figure would have licensor requirements that wouldn't affect other GIJoe figures, is there any chance of either a head variation without the sunglasses, or that the sunglasses might be removeable?"