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Didn't realize it was a TRU exclusive. I thought it was odd that there appeared to be a case or two worth of a single vehicle, but didn't even look at the front for a TRU sticker.
I have never seen the first release from last year except in photos, and few of them, so I was thrilled that TRU got a re-release this year. The box has a TRU sticker on the front, but it's the fact that it's a 100% different packaging style that I think sells its exclusivity. Naturally there were a million of them on my TRU run today, but I'm still glad I got the one I found yesterday.

I don't get why that line of vehicles doesn't get more play. The SHARC, the Sky Hawk, the Firebat, the VAMP, the FANG, the HISS, and the Water Moccasin, they all got poor distribution. I think it was the reasonable pricepoint, they're $16 I think and come with a figure, some of the molds were new even.

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Well when you recycle a mold from 1984 put put in a figure that was bulked up for a comic pack and has since been recycled 3-4 more times, it's not going to fit.
The Sting Raider is actually a 100% new mold made in '08, the same year those legs on Copperhead were first used.

JT, the o-ring figure in this day in age is a terrible idea. Vehicles no longer drive GI Joe, so it doesn't make sense that the figures should be designed to accomdate them. The prices we pay to have a little o-ring piece snap in 6 months would be terrible and kill the line permamently. I've spent almost as much in replacement o-rings for the last decades worth of figures than I have on the figures themselves. Death to O-Rings and A LONG PAINFUL AND PUBLIC DEATH to the people who want them to be brought back.
I never said I wanted O-rings back, although they did allow for a great amount of range, and you could easily repair them yourself even as a kid. But look at the new Jedi Luke, it has a ton of range of motion, and unlike O-rings it holds that pose. If they used something like that but BETTER (they use something like that but MUCH MUCH WORSE) then they'd have something.

BTW, I had some classic ARAH figures who never had their O-rings break after years and years. I still would, but grandma gave away the Defiant Space Launch Complex FULL of my old Joes while I was forced to move to Phoenix.