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The Night Raven is on sale for $19.99 until sometime in late April. I may actually spring for one of these.
I bought one for that price, it wasn't worth it. It's an eh vehicle, ok looking but crappy for figure interaction. It's really more of an electronic gun.

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All of them? A lot of Targets had put selected ROC figures on clearance a while back. I remember getting a Cover Girl or two.

It really is a shame the movie sucked and the toys didn't catch on. The figures, for the most part, are some of Hasbro's best work.
Yes, all of the ones they have. It's not a clearance, it's tagged as a sale.

The figures just aren't inspiring. The movie designs are somewhat plain and drab, the faces somewhat awkward. They aren't very well designed for kids (I think Hasbro overestimates how impressed kids are by giant out-of-scale missile launchers) and they aren't the versions of characters that collectors want to buy. The vehicles are uninspiring and overpriced. It was a misfit line all the way.