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    The new cartoon's supposed to have an animation style similar to Resolute, and be darker than previous shows (aside from Resolute). So there's still a good chance that the figures could be realistically styled.

    That Low-Light from the POC line looks pretty awesome. I guess I'll not use the Duke from the TRU set to make one.
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    glad that target clearanced all the gi joe figs and managed to clean out the shelves. only to restock them with hundreds of snake eyes and destros. now i'll never see a new joe.

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    Better than TRU clearing out everything in their sales, only to replenish with literally tons of Arctic Shipwreck, Arctic Doc, Snow Serpent (oddly enough), and Bench-Press.

    I did decide that I'll likely use the Doc head to make Blind Master, a character who otherwise would never be made.
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    Wow, and for a while I thought I was the only one to be bombarded with Snake Eyes, Storm Shadows, and "Arctic Threat" figures.

    At this rate, I'm never going to find Kamakura

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    Kamakura is the one figure from that wave I never found. I got two each of Night Adder and Red Fang, too.

    Mind you, I didn't want Kamakura, but I knew everyone else does and wouldn't have passed on him.

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    i passed on kamakura the one time i saw it, as it was the only joe or SW fig on the shelves i needed/wanted. i hate going through the registers (even self-check @ wm) with only one item.

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    I gotta say, some of the Pursuit of Cobra stuff looks sweet, but, with the stuff that's been delayed and cancelled, I'm totally lost as to what's coming out.

    I did pick up a couple of Flint in Cobra Disguise figures at Big Lots to make the "patriotic Cobras" from the old-new ongoing comic.

  8. #528 has pics up from JoeCon of the new Pursuit of Cobra figures including Lowlight and new verisons of Quick-Kick and Spirt for TRU. Totally loving the way these figures look. can't wait to get them in 2011
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    Dang.... If I'd known that Quick Kick was coming, I wouldn't have started making Billy out of Storm Shadow and Luke Skywalker parts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    I've decided the movie-design Vipers (which I'll wind up with quite a few of, once I get a couple suits of the SNAKE Armor and the upcoming TRU pack) are, in my world, a specialized group of Vipers called "Death Adders." They're homicidal maniacs who joined up with Cobra to have an outlet, are too dangerous to keep housed with other Vipers, and have no real skills aside from their propensity for violence. They get specialized "skull" helmets and armor that they think looks cool, but costs much less than the uniforms for any other Viper subgroup and offer only minimal protection.
    Thanks to $3-something figures at Target, I grabbed eight of the Vipers for my own squad of Death Adders.
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