Point seen about the drive. I've got a WM practically in my backyard, but it's lousy when it comes to toys, and I know for a fact they've got a few scalpers working there. So, to even get to a decent WM, I'm in the neighborhood of the other stores (and Targets seem to be more common in the cities than WM's around here for some reason).

Supposedly, the Wolf Hound is a completely new mold, and there are several minor details that aren't on the original, but the driver can't fit in the cab properly, and even two troopers on the back look too crowded.

I've got Beach Heads, Snow Jobs, and Fireflies out the wazoo; I'm at the point where they're becoming custom fodder. (My ROC Snow Job is already destined for an appointment with some paint to become Frostbite.) But these figures look really nice, and I'd get them if I didn't have plenty already. (I could see myself getting Firefly for that weird helmet eventually.) Snake Eyes looks like a vast improvement over most Snake Eyes; I think only the ROC Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes is really comparable. I already praised Storm Shadow (though I think of him as a separate ninja). Cobra Commander looks like the ROC mold with a new head; it looks sweet, but I didn't want to drop $10 on him (which I might regret) but will definitely get him at $7 or less, to be some weirdo background Cobra. (The ROC Cobra Commander mold is one of the best in the line's history, no joke.) Alley Viper looks like a straight-up repaint of the orange version from the Defense of Cobra Island set. Only Duke looks like a step backwards.

I've got to say one other thing right now: the Doom Cycle is sweet. The goofier features (pop-out blades) are easily concealed, and it makes an awesome Dreadnok cycle. Truth be told, if POC goes on clearance, I will army-build this, and switch the heads from Storm Rider with other figures to make a nice little gang of background 'Noks.

BTW, unrelated to POC, and probably far in advance, but I want a jump on things: if anyone sees the two Resolute sets on sale at Ross for less than $20 (and, mark my words, those sets will be at Ross for less than $20), and I haven't already reported finding them, I want one of each. I just don't think they're worth the online exclusive price for the few new figures.

And, doubtful but I'll ask anyway, if anyone doesn't want the Resolute Alley Viper from the Cobra set, I'll gladly take any off said person's hands. (I've got a feeling Alley Viper will be the draw of the set, though.)