Agreed about the paint apps on Destro - I bought the first one I saw, and was kind of disappointed when I opened him as his head was almost entirely white. I've seen several more with much better paint since, and they look so much better. I really wish I'd waited.

As for Snake-Eyes' action feature - it's really not very intrusive at all. There's a tiny button under his arm (in fact, I hadn't even realized there was an action feature when I first opened him) and he's even still poseable - you can actually still twist his waist to pretty much any desired position without enaging the mechanism and it'll stay. That said, I've come to think that he's kind of an ugly figure now that I have him, and not a very good, or useful design for Snake-Eyes. His accessories are a bit oversized as well.

I also think Recondo is a great looking figure except for one slight flaw - his head is situated in such a way on his neck joint that he's stuck perpetually looking down. I was thinking that if I trim away a bit of the plastic from under the back of his head that I might be able to fix it, though. Dusty is really cool as well, but I think his neck is a bit too long; especially without his scarf and cape thingie. Might try fixing that as well.