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    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran View Post
    I decided to pick up a Night Raven from Target at $14.99.
    On a whim, I picked one up at TJ Maxx for $10 a few days ago. There were two more at that price. PM if you want the location.

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    I got Monkeywrench/Tunnel Rat from Ross. I already have Shockwave/Nightcreeper and didn't want another Gung Ho or Cooperhead (Sorry, Hasbro, I learned a lesson from that big pile of Vaders, R2-D2s, and Tatooine Lukes).

    I might get the Cobra Mantis sub from one of the clearance stores for Christmas.

    Since I got into the Joe collecting a bit late, I never got a regular Flint. So, I slapped together the head from the Cobra Disguise Flint, the body of ROC Sgt. Stone, and the web gear from one of the green shirts that came with Firefly. He looks like he'd fit in with the other ROC figures. Now if I just had a decent shotgun and backpack for him...
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    My POC VAMP arrived from HTS and in a new low for them, they didn't even put it in a box!!!

    They slapped the mailing label on the VAMP box and just mailed that out to me!

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    That is inexcusable. As much as I detest Matty's site, their shipping is impeccable and swift. HTS is the opposite. I once received a package that had gone through a fire. There was soot everywhere. HTS kindly replaced the contents, but the incident serves a reminder of their shipping service.

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    I've got a box coming tomorrow. One Transformers and a handful of Joes. I hope they don't just tape them together and slap a label on them. I learned long ago not to expect mint condition from them, which is sad, since they're the manufacturer.

    I went a bit nuts today at Ross and Marshall's. Scored Shockblast/Night Creeper, Gung Ho/Copperhead, TRU Cobra 5-pack, MARS Troopers 3-pack, ROC Para-Viper, 25th Cobra Trooper, 25th Python Patrol Officer, and 25th Cobra Air Trooper. Aside from the Gung Ho set, all duplicates--I have no idea off hand what my count is on basic Cobra Troopers now without actually counting them.

    But I figure that, next week, this stuff will all dry up. There will be a lot of parents doing their Christmas shopping. And they'll see at the top of the lists, "GIJoe Renegades stuff." And they will say, "Renegades? What the heck is Renegades? Eh, this is four bucks. He won't know the difference."
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    I'm hoping that the trend of Ross/Marshalls getting TRU/WM exclusives continues and we get the WM battle stations from last year. I'd like to pick up a few Cobra Heatseek Missile Systems (MMS).

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    TRU has "unadvertised" mystery deals on their website. They're not mysteries, since it tells you what they are, and they're not unadvertised, since they have them set up in a nice flyer.

    Anyway, mech suits for $9.99 and ROC figures buy one, get two free. I know they're trying to rid themselves of ROC figures (and mostly have around here, sadly, or I'd snatch up every figure they had at that deal), but the way the mechs are rotting does not bode well for Wave 2.
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    I've been to 2 TRUs in the past week. They only have a few remaining ROC figures. The ones they do have are figures I already bought or just don't want.
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    The Deviant is not worth $20. The figure is bloody awesome (and I hope the mold, or a good part of it, is used for a 21st century Techno-Viper). If it winds up at Ross for $5, and I think it might, I might get extras just for the Cyber Viper to repaint him as such.

    The body and legs of the mech are awesome, but the arms are simply too gimmicky. It needs a standard gun or claw. The battering ram is laughable as anything other than a toy (yeah, I know this is a toy, but think of how useful this thing would be in full-size reality), and the grappling hook is a joke, too.
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    Double post, I know, but I've got two potential questions if Hasbro's still doing that:

    1) Although a line or even subline based on the new IDW looks for characters is unlikely, some of the characters have been redesigned in ways that would look awesome in plastic but would be tough for anyone but the most talented to customize. Could some of the new designs possibly work their way into the Pursuit of Cobra line next year or in the near future, particularly Cobra Commander, the Vipers, and the Crimson Guardsmen?

    2) Many of the Pursuit of Cobra vehicles (for example, the HISS V and the mech suits) have slots where additional weapons can be inserted. However, none so far have come with enough weapons to fill all the slots, and there's not a lot of potential to actually switch weapons. (For instance, someone wanting a Deviant suit armed with something more realistic than a mace-like battering ram would need to cannibalize a HISS, which would be useless without cannons.) Any possibility that you might look into making additional weapons to add to the vehicles, maybe as an online exclusive?
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