Some ROC figures are on sale at Marshall's. And for different amounts. Others are not.

I can confirm the HISS 5 and Fury at Ross. This makes me wonder if I should wait for the VAMP.

Also, I saw the supposed "gold mask Viper" that some folks at HissTank were making a big deal about. It was at a Marshall's in Hemet, on a totally crushed card, and I compared it to a "normal" one there. I don't think it was actually painted gold; I think it's missing a final coat of metallic paint. IIRC, some metallic C-3POs have come out in the wrong color due to this error.

It's still there (or was an hour ago) if anyone in the area wants it. I don't need a Viper who's going to look so vastly different from his comrades, especially at $6.