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    Some ROC figures are on sale at Marshall's. And for different amounts. Others are not.

    I can confirm the HISS 5 and Fury at Ross. This makes me wonder if I should wait for the VAMP.

    Also, I saw the supposed "gold mask Viper" that some folks at HissTank were making a big deal about. It was at a Marshall's in Hemet, on a totally crushed card, and I compared it to a "normal" one there. I don't think it was actually painted gold; I think it's missing a final coat of metallic paint. IIRC, some metallic C-3POs have come out in the wrong color due to this error.

    It's still there (or was an hour ago) if anyone in the area wants it. I don't need a Viper who's going to look so vastly different from his comrades, especially at $6.
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    I got my wave 3 POC Duke from HTS (along with other figures). It's close enough to the show design that it's Renegades Duke for now. The figure is not bad but the twin shoulder mounted plasma cannons are a bit over the top for me. I'll probably repurpose them for some other character.

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    I picked up the POC Fury from Ross today. They had 3 of them but no HISS tanks.

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    Apparently, the "cancelled" wave 3 of the Target exclusives packs from ROC are now hitting a Ross near you. I've read reports, but will venture out into the elements today to verify for myself.

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    Been looking for those myself. No luck yet, but the closest to me doesn't see the value in restocking during the Christmas season , and the next closest isn't running their holiday hours for some odd reason . I at least want one each of the two Cobra sets and the RAM, and it wouldn't hurt to get the jetpack reissue again at that price and duplicate Cobra sets (especially given how few Trouble Bubbles were released, all with larger sets).

    Anyone know yet if this is a full run that was produced before Target bailed, or just a few? That could seriously impact how many are in the wild.
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    Went to EIGHT Rosses today, all during a torrential downpour the likes of which is rarely seen in Los Angeles. The bounty: 4 Cobra Flight Pods with pink Neo Vipers, 2 Ninja Viper/Shockwave packs, a RAM desert cycle, and a "Capt. Ace" Glider. Additionally, I got an Attack on the Pit TRU "exclusive" for $12.99. Along the way, I found 2 Cobra Furies that had their Alley Vipers swapped out for Neo Vipers and 2 Target exclusive packs with A-Team figures swapped in.

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    dang woish I had some of these Ross stores by me... we have Marshalls and TJ Mazz and they never have any good toys to choose from... there toy section looks like something out of a junkyard...
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    And I found them. I'll watch for more for tradesies (or to sell at cost + shipping). Gotta say, they look nice. Even the re-re-re-release of that jetpack looks sweet in this (only slightly different) color scheme. And the pink Elite Viper, curiously, looks freaking awesome. The pink camo reinforced my notion to use all my ROC Elite Vipers as replacements for the weird second Night Creeper costume (the heads look slightly alike).

    Went to three Rosses. The first still had nothing (but sold 3 TRU Attack on the Pit sets and 2 Furies since yesterday). The second had them all. The third had a jetpack. Truth is, if I were passing on one, it'd be the jetpack, easy. New scheme or not, I got two on clearance when they came with Grand Slam.
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    My local WM has the vehicles!!

    The 2008/9 ROC Alpha vehicles! They put out a huge number of them about twenty feet away from the rest of the Joe stuff. For $2 more than they were two years ago. Yes, this is the stuff that's piled up for half that price in the Ross next door (or were, until they sold through) and actually went on clearance at Marshalls.

    Anyone need a Mole Pod for $17 + tax + shipping? Epic fail, WM.

    They also put out three cases of POC wave 1. I know three, because there are three Cobra Commanders. WM was considerate enough to put price tags on them. I have this feeling that collectors won't want them with the sticker, and kids don't give a crap, so, unless there's an open collector here who didn't get him, I'm betting those are on clearance soon.

    Of course, Alley Vipers were totally gone.
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    I've seen Wal-Mart put out PoC figures twice in about as many weeks. As much as I kind of want the Alley Vipers . . . I just love the classic deco, neon and all. I've been grabbing all of the PoC versions I find and giving them to my brother (minus two, which I've kept for myself), and I was lucky enough both times they went out to find him one.
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