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    Ha ha ha, all of them. I found Low-Light and Skydive at TRU, and got Destro and Duke from that wave at HTS. No Shadow Tracker or anything since.

    The Ross here had two Deviant suits and the Joe version. I decided to hold off a day, and, rather unexpectedly, all three were gone. Oddly, though, I could army-build the Lava Pod.

    BTW, if JT is reading this, it's not Deep Six with the Polar SHARC (though it does look like the character as he appeared out-of-armor in the Marvel run).

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    I got the Black Dragon at TRU this past weekend. I don't really want another Vamp but really want that Steel Brigade driver that comes with it.

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    Never understood the appeal of the Steel Brigade. I'd rather have Greenshirts. To me, GI Joe is not supposed to be the team with nameless, faceless army builders.

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    Man! It's been so long since I've seen any new GI Joe stuff on the pegs! Is Hasbro trying to bury this line, or what?

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    I finally found some 30th anniversary wave 1 figures this weekend.

    I saw a lone Iron Grenadier at TRU as well as remnants of the wave at Walmart. At that WM I picked up two Vipers, one Cobra Trooper and a Hazard Viper.

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    Yes. I finally ran in to the Renegades wave at WM, but $8.44 a figure seemed too expensive to stock up too heavily. I picked up a Cobra Trooper, Iron Grenadier, and Hazard-Viper. The case of 12 is only $82.99 at HTS, so less than $7 a figure, plus tax and free shipping is the way I went. I'll have doubles of the four Renegade figures if anyone needs them.

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    Two different things concern me:

    1) Renegades stuff is not moving. I've passed on the two vehicles (just short on cash last month) a few times. The VAMP Mark II(I?), which is something like the fourteenth modern-era VAMP, and flies off shelves, despite having a Steel Brigade driver. The Renegades-based Cobra helicopter, which looks cooler and is right up the "weirdness" alley of late 80s Cobra tech, rots on shelves. The nearest WM put out what looks like two cases worth of the figures over a week ago. I passed on them; the aesthetic was just too cartoony for me to justify buying the limited number of figures they're making, though I've considered getting Firefly and CC. It looks like everyone else is passing on all of them, too. These could be serious pegwarmers moving forward, which doesn't bode well for future Joe products, nor does it send a strong message to Hasbro about the viability of more Renegades episodes.

    2) A lot of stores have been restocking. I've seen the first wave of 30th Anniversary figures at several WM's, a couple of TRU's, and even at least one Target. So it looks like almost everyone skipped over all the stuff between the Arctic Destro wave and this. Don't know about the rest of you (well, actually, I figure it's the same boat I'm in), but there's a lot of stuff in between I'm missing. And I ain't talking 'bout no stupid Croc Master repaint.

    Also, slightly off-subject, but I figure there are some Marvel collectors here (who would be more familiar with SAW Viper than everyone else in the Marvel forum would be). I've noticed a few of the Captain America movie Deluxe figures re-use GIJoe accessories, particularly ROC-era armor pieces. However, I've been looking at the Hydra Soldier as the possible basis for a SAW Viper custom. Sure, it's a tad oversized, but so was the most (in)famous SAW Viper. Can anyone tell me: how's the figure look out of the package, and does he seem like he'd be a decent starting point for the big SOB?
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    I don't know how good a SAW Viper he'd make since I always hated the design of that character, and have mostly expunged the memory of it. I can tell you that he stands the same height as the Hazard Viper. Are you asking about the Hydra flame-thrower guy from the deluxe line, or the regular Hydra trooper?

    I have managed to find just the one Hazard Viper so far, and that was at Walgreens. Good news (?!) is that GI Joes have become so expensive that most other retailers have finally caught up with Walgreen's ridiculously inflated pricing! No other retailers in my area seem to have anything else in stock other than a handful of Arctic Destros and Jungle Vipers each. Sad!

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    I was looking at the deluxe (flamethrower) version. He wouldn't be 100% faithful to the original, but keep the general aesthetic. The design was stupid, granted, but it seems fitting that he should be made, since half his victims have been. But I doubt a hot pink guy with a machine gun is a likely candidate for a figure anytime soon.
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