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    Finally got a sky striker and put it together. All I can say is, what a piece of junk. The plastic is flimsy, nothing fits together tightly, and a knock off company could have done a better job with molding the landing gear. The missiles and rear stabilizers fall off if you look at them funny. I'm really glad I waited and didn't pay full price for it. It will make me think twice about buying any joe vehicles in the future though.

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    Take this for what you will, but my brother and I have nine between us, and our rear stabilizers are quite snug. I kind of had a problem with SDCC Starscream's stabilizers, but I switched them out with another Sky Striker, and they're fine on both now.
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    Yeah, I only have two of them, but this is not my experience either. I found it to be a pretty good repro of the original; even better than expected, in fact.

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    Dug what's left of the original out of a box and I have to admit my memories trump reality and I may have been a little harsh. It still irks me that the missiles fall off so easily and the gun pod that I used to use as a handle to fly it around won't stay attached. My 4 year old broke the switch to swing the wings the first time he picked it up (not that it's really necessary.)

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    I've finally found the Lifeline wave, and here's a little adjustment I made to the Zombie Viper that keeps the awesomeness of the figure and the awesomeness of Vipers, but eliminates the suck of zombies. (Sorry. I frickin' hate zombies. When they went to monster school, they had to wear their helmets when they rode the short bus.)

    In my mind, these aren't zombified Cobra Troopers, but corpses with BAT parts. They're even less effective than regular BATs, but Mindbender was going more for the psychological "gross-out" factor of fighting a rotting corpse than making an efficient killing machine. I replaced the right forearm with a BAT forearm, and gave him the machine gun from a Cobra Shock Trooper. As you can see, it required one of the clear bands Hasbro loves, as well as boiling, since they weren't considerate enough to make the parts easily compatible. It was tough to get a clear picture this evening, unfortunately.

    So, uh, not sure how to rotate the picture here....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Cool adjustment. I'm still waiting to run into more of this figure. I've only got one and would like a few more. Something, though, is screaming Ross/Marshalls/TJ Maxx to me, when it comes to these last waves of 30th.

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    I've found five of them so far, but gave one to my brother, and I'm on the lookout for more! The latest wave is amazing, by the way! Sci-Fi, Lifeline, and Airtight are three of the best GI Joe figures ever, in my opinion!

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    Found the HISS Scout and the Ninja Cycle at two different Ross stores today (one toy at each location). I just opened the Ninja Cycle.

    Holy crap. That's what this is. Pure, unadulterated crap. Ashiko is just a kitbash of Snake Eyes and Wraith, with some new armor that has honkin' huge attachments for the cycle (rendering him pretty much useless for collectors; even if you remove the arm and chest armor, he has giant holes permanently in his legs). The armor doesn't properly attach, falls off when you look at it, and allows for pretty much no posability. As a cycle, it's not bad, but you're stuck with a figure who looks like dung. Okay, he does come with about a half dozen assorted guns and knives for some reason, so it's not a total loss. I've got to struggle this thing back into motorcycle mode so it's got some use. Too bad; the concept is pretty cool. I'm a bit saddened they used the GIJoe name on this when we can't get stuff that appears to be solidly made (like Kwinn).

    Unless you're a completist, don't get this. Throw your money in the sewer instead; at least maybe someone might find it and use it to buy food or something.
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    I'm still on the prowl for the HISS Scout.

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    And to think I've been hunting for that cycle armor all this time. Which reminds me I should get around to opening the HISS scout sometime.

    Joes along with most other Hasbro figure lines are BOGO at TRU this week. I don't suppose anyone's made some pretty good hauls? I saw someone's photo with 2 Renegades Storm Shadows and got so envious.


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