Everyone want to just post here what they're looking for?

I want:
1x Cobra Commander (black, vintage VI color scheme)
1x Storm Shadow (black and white, vintage III color scheme)
1x Storm Shadow (black, white, and orange, vintage T'gin-zu homage)
as many Cobra Troopers as I can get my hands on (both versions--I only wanted the black until I realized the other is the more colorful early comic scheme, which hasn't been released on this mold)

If I can get either or both Dukes, I'll take 'em.

On the fence about Snake Eyes (blue, vintage version IV). I've got an unpainted custom already and, though this would save me some major painting, it looks like they re-used the torso from the SE3 update, with has a hole in the middle. Also on the fence about either Shipwreck--same story as the SE, plus this one looks like it has an insanely long neck.

No interest whatsoever in blue Cobra Commander or the VvV homage green Snake Eyes.