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    Everyone want to just post here what they're looking for?

    I want:
    1x Cobra Commander (black, vintage VI color scheme)
    1x Storm Shadow (black and white, vintage III color scheme)
    1x Storm Shadow (black, white, and orange, vintage T'gin-zu homage)
    as many Cobra Troopers as I can get my hands on (both versions--I only wanted the black until I realized the other is the more colorful early comic scheme, which hasn't been released on this mold)

    If I can get either or both Dukes, I'll take 'em.

    On the fence about Snake Eyes (blue, vintage version IV). I've got an unpainted custom already and, though this would save me some major painting, it looks like they re-used the torso from the SE3 update, with has a hole in the middle. Also on the fence about either Shipwreck--same story as the SE, plus this one looks like it has an insanely long neck.

    No interest whatsoever in blue Cobra Commander or the VvV homage green Snake Eyes.
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    I'd like a full set of each variation and several black Cobra troops. I think, though, I'll be lucky to find even one of these.

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    I know my custom SE4 won't be as cleanly-painted as the actual Hasbro one. But I got that head (City Strike Snake Eyes) and was going to use a mix of the City Strike Snake Eyes and Duke for the body, which I think will look nicer than that stupid torso.

    I can't believe how much mileage they've gotten out of a torso with a freakin' hole in the sternum!
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    The Amazon exclusive packs are up. I missed the Renegades set by seconds. It was in my cart and, as I checked out, it sold out.

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    I had a chance at both, and was sorely tempted.

    But I got the three previously-available Renegades figures. $40 for a repainted Storm Shadow is a bit much, no matter how cool, and I have no need of a trenchcoat for Snake Eyes. $40 is also a bit much for the black Cobra Commander, given that all four of these figures (albeit in blue for CC) have "Ross" written all over them. (Not saying the Retaliation figures won't do well, since they might, but these particular figures will be shipping early and often. ROC Cobra Commander and Dr. Lewis were two of the best Joe figures ever made, and you can still find them at closeout stores.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maradona View Post
    That is great news. Hopefully, we'll be quick enough to get one when they are released. Just to be on the safe side, I'll order two (if I can) to cover you. I have a suspicion that some employee at Los Feliz TRU is taking SS, since I've saw that entire case assortment (minus SS) there so many times at opening during spring break.

    I like the Quinjet, but haven't picked one up yet. Thanks for the tip. I was considering picking up the Helicarrier when it hit the inevitable Target 75% clearance or Ross/Marshalls. A few Cobra stickers might make it serviceable.
    I've had the same suspicions about Renegades SS at that particular TRU.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maradona View Post
    The Amazon exclusive packs are up. I missed the Renegades set by seconds. It was in my cart and, as I checked out, it sold out.
    Sorry to hear that! There were 11 left when I ordered my Renegades set so I barely made the cut.

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    I'm not trying to come across as a braggart, but I had no idea until recently how lucky I was to find Renegades Storm Shadow at all. And I actually left one on the pegs, thinking, "I'll get another for customs if he's as good as he looks, but not today."
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    Congrats, gentlemen. I'll keep trying to get the Renegades set, which the optimist in me hopes will end up like the MARS 3-pack still clogging the shelves at Big Lots. I remembered that it was a preview set three years ago. Who knows...?

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    The Renegades set is back online and I was able to score the figures. Act quickly, if you need them. Scalpers who have the sets up on eBay for as much as $250 might not make that much now.

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    Am I the only person who's pretty unimpressed with the SDCC Jinx?

    Just curious. Everyone else online seems to be going ape over her. The lack of neck covering bothers me, and, frankly, looks stupid.

    I like the yellow version, but not enough to pay SDCC prices.
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