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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Am I the only person who's pretty unimpressed with the SDCC Jinx?

    Just curious. Everyone else online seems to be going ape over her. The lack of neck covering bothers me, and, frankly, looks stupid.

    I like the yellow version, but not enough to pay SDCC prices.
    Considering the line situation that is likely at SDCC, wanting her may be irrelevant. I think I'll ATTEMPT to pick her up, but the Shockwave HISS is the real prize for me at this year's HTS booth. If I can get two or three (completely unlikely, I know), I definitely will. I plan to be in line, as usual, around noon for preview night - though that did not work out for getting into the HTS line last year, I did get into it the year before. We shall see...

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    I wouldn't mind the Shockwave HISS (more for the 3.75" scale Soundwave and the BAT, though the HISS itself is sweet). I'm just not holding my breath.
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    Has anyone had luck with the Dollar General Joes? I've struck out so far, but will hopefully be searching in Bakersfield next Friday.

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    Really hoping they at least become "Big Lots Joes" as well.
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    I came across the 'Dollar Store' Joes at a comic convention this past weekend, though they unfortunately turned out to be Hundred and Thirty Dollar store Joes.

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    So it looks like the movie has been pushed forward to a March 2013 release to accommodate 3D conversion.

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    So are the stores going to even sell these figures now? I know some stores already have them out on the pegs, but what about the places that are supposed to put them out next week? Geez, what a crazy move.
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    Wow, of all the SW/Transformer/Joe/Marvel related fiascos Hasbro has been responsible for in recent months, this might take the cake!
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    This is really worrisome. Those figures are hitting already (I mentioned in the LA thread that I found the first four vehicles but passed since they'd be on sale at some point). I'm not sure it's possible to delay them. So we're probably getting a line of toys that don't closely resemble anything we know already, based on a sequel to a movie that sucked and the toyline bombed, without a movie for almost a year?

    Best case, those figures will rot on shelves, some will be pulled, and all will wind up at Ross or clearance racks.

    I'm really not liking what the logical outcome of this scenario is. I'm looking at my Renegades Tunnel Rat in front of my computer right now, and thinking he might just be one of the last Joes I'll have the opportunity to buy for quite some time.
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    Man, it must suck to be Hasbro right now! First, all the layoffs due to declining profits, and now they have a mountain of movie tie-in toys to move and no movie to support it! They can't be happy about this! I don't personally believe that a media tie-in is necessary to sell toys if you have good product, but I suppose we shall see. Who can really tell if general consumers will consider this 'good product' anyway?


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