Ross/Marshalls/TJ Maxx are sure to get these toys eventually. I picked up a few figures yesterday. The only ones I actually liked are the Swamp Viper, Red Ninja, and the Joe trooper; the CC and Cobra Trooper were not too good. I'm waiting for HTS to send me the case I bought before I had seen the figures up close. I will take back the figures I bought once the case arrives.

I wonder if TRU scheduled a huge display to coincide with the previous release date, along with other retail chain tie-ins. These factors have to be nailed down well in advance, I would think, so I suspect there will still be a large Joe presence at retail come the original release date. Ultimately, I think this is a marketing and scheduling disaster for Hasbro. They could have continued to release the PoC/30th line throughout this year.