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    Ross/Marshalls/TJ Maxx are sure to get these toys eventually. I picked up a few figures yesterday. The only ones I actually liked are the Swamp Viper, Red Ninja, and the Joe trooper; the CC and Cobra Trooper were not too good. I'm waiting for HTS to send me the case I bought before I had seen the figures up close. I will take back the figures I bought once the case arrives.

    I wonder if TRU scheduled a huge display to coincide with the previous release date, along with other retail chain tie-ins. These factors have to be nailed down well in advance, I would think, so I suspect there will still be a large Joe presence at retail come the original release date. Ultimately, I think this is a marketing and scheduling disaster for Hasbro. They could have continued to release the PoC/30th line throughout this year.

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    I've seen speculation on other sites that they might do stuff like mass-produced the Dollar General Joes, release canceled figures like Kwinn, and/or put out some Retaliation figures that were updates and repaints (CG, Alley Viper), albeit on new cards. I doubt it.

    I can honestly see one of the big retailers saying next year, "So, you want us to carry a movie line for the sequel to a movie that bombed. We still have figures from the first that we can't unload. And this is after you sent us figures for this movie a year in advance, then delayed the movie (basically a huge vote of no-confidence on your part), and we had to unload all this %$#@ at clearance so we didn't have to pay taxes on it. Oh, and the line just doesn't sell well overall [since they can't see it's a few pegwarmers that keep clogging up the chain and people want the non-pegwarmer figures]. Uh, thanks but no thanks."

    I'm now wondering if passing on those vehicles was a good idea. Couldn't have known this yesterday morning, though--couldn't have even expected it.
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    Wow, this is an impressive misstep on Hasbro's part.

    "It is increasingly evident that 3D resonates with movie-goers globally and together with Paramount, we made the decision to bring fans an even more immersive entertainment experience," said Brian Goldner, Hasbro's President and CEO.

    Except that it's only resonating overseas, not in the US where trending is down. 3D conversion is only a moneygrab, there's never been artistic merit in it. To pull the plug on a film so very late in the game suggests market research was showing a very poor response from theatergoers, that their upfront interest was low (or non-existent since there's been nary a peep about the film in media or trailers in quite a while) and they were looking to lose A LOT of money. Honestly, I cannot imagine how they thought pulling the plug this late could be a good idea unless they were looking at a single-digit opening weekend, and on the toy side, it's a disaster for their relationship with retailers.
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    I've got to think this was Paramount and not Hasbro. There's no good outcome for Hasbro from this unless they REALLY scramble at a rate that they've never scrambled before, and that's unlikely. Meanwhile, Paramount only cares about the movie itself.

    Making it worse, I actually started reading reviews of the figures. I'm not paying $10 per figure if they're getting rid of joints that have been integral to Joe design for ages. They don't even have customization potential if you do that. (And I mean you can't use their parts; no way am I wasting good parts to fix what Hasbro dropped the ball on with these guys.) I'm not going to be the only collector thinking this way. This line will bomb so hard it will make Rise of Cobra look like the frickin' Cabbage Patch Kids back in 1984.
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    Hasbro's a backer and producer, they should either have final say OR they were stupid for giving that away.

    It's too bad Hasbro's dropped the ball so much with this line, the fact that this movie has vehicles from the ACTUAL GI Joe history should have been a home run all on its own, but instead they have to crap on their existing figure library while raising prices at the same time.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    I have only opened four figures (and the Water Moccasin pilot) and two are down right terrible. The Red Ninja and GI Joe trooper were fine, as was the cool look of the Swamp Viper, but the rest are very disappointing. I pre-ordered a case from HTS to get the figures for $7.91, but even that is too much for the quality I've so far observed. I think I can save some money thanks to this line.

    As for the film debacle, I wonder if Hasbro just takes GI Joe for granted. The near constant change of the past two decades indicates a lack of clearly defined, direct purpose for the toy's narrative. In the past several years, there have been three mutually exclusive cartoon iterations and four figure style changes (Sigma 6, 25th, PoC/30th, and the movie lines). I think Hasbro is trying to apply the Transformers model (also one constant change - albeit financially successful) on the Joes and it is not working. In a decade where our nation's troops have been in constant deployment against "a ruthless terrorist organization," Hasbro hasn't capitalized.

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    Actually, I'd consider the 25th, Rise of Cobra, Pursuit of Cobra, and 30th figures to be the same line, albeit with different aesthetics. I'd consider the Retaliation figures to be part of the line, too, but sorta like the first few waves of AOTC figures were technically Star Wars (as have been a few scattered figures since), just many of them were downright marred by action features.

    Resolute, Renegades, the Hama continuation, and the new IDW-verse have all been popular. Hasbro could easily make a combined line based on those four continuities, maybe even in a combined Rise of Cobra/Retaliation line. Heck, they could even keep all five media going (Resolute on at night, Renegades on during the day--the Hamaverse and IDW-verse have proven they're not clashing). They do, every so often, show that they know what we want and what will be successful... then produce a billion Renegades Cobra Commanders.
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    Anyone know what the street dates for figures was supposed to be? None of the stores around here seem to have gotten the message that the street date was no longer valid, and searching for it just gets me inundated with articles about the movie date changing.
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    This weekend was the original street date, I believe.

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    Thanks--I actually found it earlier today, but forgot to respond.

    Still haven't seen anything, but Target has a space for them, presumably for tomorrow. What'll be interesting to see is whether stores had enough time to correct their Sunday circulars.
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