Well, crap in a hat.

Other sites are reporting that, according to Variety, Hasbro has asked stores to send everything back. Which probably means that what's in the stores will get put out and never restocked (at least in 2012), and what's in the distribution centers will be shipped back. For sale later, to be destroyed, or to wind up at Ross? Who knows?

Hasbro also claims to not be concerned about the loss of Joe in the toy aisle until next year.

Christ on a cracker, how can they botch this line so badly? Every time we think they've bottomed out, they dig a bit further.

Rush out the frickin' Crimson Guard and Cobra Trooper in three or four different color schemes, and re-release the hell out of the most popular 30th Anniversary figures. Heck, put the damned Retaliation Red Ninja on a card; he looks the same as the classic version and the mold's been available already. They could actually throw together a stopgap line that would outsell Joe sales overall for the past three years if they cut out all potential pegwarmers, thus actually encouraging retailers to order more movie crap next year!

The lack of vision at Hasbro bugs the $%^& out of me sometimes. I get tired of saying that I want to give them money and they make it really tough to do so.