Indeed. And now I'm going to go all JediTricks on y'all.

Here's my thoughts on the basic figures. I haven't opened the vehicles yet.

Beach Head (Nina Dojo)
It's impossible to dislike this figure, but it's impossible to get too excited, either. Hasbro almost seems to have a Beach Head fetish or something. He's all reused parts; he might be entirely a less-detailed repaint of POC Beach Head (I don't have him handy to compare). He's Beach Head; if you're a Joe collector, you kinda know what I mean. If you haven't got any of the previous 3,874 BH's, he'll seem a lot more exciting. A-

Cobra Commander
This is, sculpt-wise, an excellent figure. I really dig the look of him, particularly in black. Also, his snake staff is one of the few action accessories that I plan to use (albeit without the rocket), and his regular guns look nice enough. I plan to use him as Krake (from the IDW comics), perhaps getting one or two of the blue ones later to use as generals. But I can't justify another at full price--the sacrifice of the ankle articulation and the single-jointed knee really hurts the figure, moreso than most of the others like this, because his knee looks very gappy when it's bent. Too bad; aside from that, he's damned close to perfect. B-

Cobra Trooper
He should be better than he is. The design is decent enough, though nothing spectacular, but the color scheme (light and bright blue with black trim) kills it. He also suffers from a gappy knee, though it's not as conspicuous as with Cobra Commander. His gun is pretty bizarre, but at least it's not neon green. Haven't messed with the parachute contraption. Overall, he winds up being just okay and a little boring. With some paint detail, this could've been a whole 'nother figure. I'm hoping that, if the line doesn't take, they might repaint him a few different ways, like they did with the Neo-Viper for ROC. (I've also noticed the mask, partially due to the coloration, looks a lot like Snake Eyes IV.) B-

Something of a minor disappointment, to be honest. I think the reactive armor actually looks better in this color scheme (it gives it a weird 90s vibe), but he's just not especially exciting. I broke down and picked him up to do a headswap with the Joe Trooper, but the skin tones don't match. I might try the Joe Trooper's helmeted head, if I get more of that figure. The weapons are entirely useless, he has no webgear, and he's definitely re-using the ROC Tatum Channing head. Which begs the question of why, since he's a non-movie design anyway, didn't they re-use ROC legs as well and give the poor guy some joints. His knee gaps aren't too noticeable, but I'm looking at him and thinking how much he would benefit from simply being able to rotate his feet. Or some weapons that weren't hollowed-out neon orange monstrosities. Or anything. Anything at all. Not bad, but definitely nothing to write home about, either. C-

G.I. Joe Trooper
I'll be honest; I thought this guy looked kinda dumb until I opened him. The reviews were so glowing, though, I couldn't pass him up. Holy snot, am I glad I didn't! He's loaded with accessories--all of which, except for his extra head, can be stored on his person! Plus, ball-jointed wrists and rocker ankles that are flawlessly hidden in the "folds" of his pants. I don't think he was meant to be a Retaliation figure; I'm convinced this fellow is a 30th Anniversary holdover. I'm not entirely crazy about the mohawked head, but, really, who's going to display him with that one? My only regret is that I didn't get the blue version as well. I will correct that at the earliest opportunity. A+

Kamakura (Ninja Dojo)
He's a straight-up kitbash with a fairly plain color scheme. And, yet, this figure is absolutely sweet. I think he's my new favorite Kamakura figure by a wide margin; I've always loved the design, even if I didn't care for the idea of Sean Collins growing up to go all ninja. This guy's got more weapons than he knows what to do with, and he's definitely going to be on my revamped Joe Ninja Force. A

Red Ninja
As far as I can tell, this is just a straight-up repaint of Renegades Storm Shadow (and I don't have that figure handy to compare closely), only with the new rocker ankles. But that's all he needs to be. That's all a Red Ninja figure should ever be (and not that bizarre vehicle driver by that name from the early 90s). And Renegades Storm Shadow was so close to perfect, we didn't know rocker ankles could improve upon it. Ten bucks may be a bit steep for it, but, when this guy goes on sale or clearance (if that happens), I am army-building him. Great thing about GIJoe is that I can still display him with the older, far inferior Red Ninjas from a couple of years ago; they still look cool, but this guy's going to be in the foreground. The only drawback is that he only comes with two swords (and a stupid zipline accessory) and nothing to hold them in. Ideal as a backpack would be, I'll make do. A+

Red Ninja (Ninja Showdown)
At first I thought he didn't have the rocker ankles, because the joints on mine were a bit tight. But he does, so he's the same exact sculpt as the carded Red Ninja. The paint scheme is one Hasbro's used before for a Red Ninja Commander (though this outfit never actually appeared in the comic, IIRC), and he comes with a hat and mask. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any swords; he has two sais instead and I gave him Storm Shadow's naginata, which looks sweet with him. A+

Roadblock (Ninja Dojo)
Wow. This figure is the big surprise of the bunch. I was expecting to get him only for the other two figures (mostly Kamakura, since Beach Head is, well, Beach Head). First surprise was that he has two normal hands! Hot damn! He's an excellent likeness of The Rock (probably the best actor likeness in the Joe line), and just a massive figure. Can't tell, but I think he might re-use parts from the Night Adder/Resolute Roadblock. In person, the paint scheme is pretty flawless and looks quite realistic. He's not completely perfect; the head is a tad loose, and he has the single joint in his legs that many Retaliation figures suffer from (though, because of the sculpt and the coloration, the knee gap is barely noticeable. He's the newest "made-up" recruit on my Joe team: Night Force Heavy Artillery Gunner, code-name Rock. Seriously, if that other Roadblock goes on clearance, I might get one and do something with his screwy hand so it looks like he's holding a laser pistol. A

Snake Eyes
Sculpt-wise, this figure rocks. Ball-jointed wrists, rocker ankles, and all the (previously) standard articulation. But he seems a tad bland. He has a weird blue gun that looks like a futuristic Uzi equivalent, along with a black sword, and, well, that's about it in terms of actual weapons. Sure, he's got that insane robo-glider (that will be given to someone else), but I don't count that. He's just very dark matte grey with a bit of gloss paint on a few details, and that silly Arashikage logo on his arm. I wish the figure was as nice as the sculpt. But that's why there's the 3-pack version. He's not bad, but why get him when you can get a better version for a cheaper per-figure cost in the multipack? A

Snake Eyes (Ninja Showdown)
Wow. What a huge difference a little bit of detail and some more respectable accessories make. I'd say this is the definitive Snake Eyes, but he's still got some really strong competition from a couple of the POC versions. (Kinda sad that there were at least four POC versions in just under two years, eh?) The body is darker, the armored parts are silver, and the plain black webgear (as one reviewer pointed out, apparently based on Tim Bradstreet's work from Devil's Due's GIJoe: Reloaded series) kick the figure into overdrive. As far as I can tell, he's exactly the same sculpt as the carded version, just so much better. I'm not sure if he's the best SE ever, but he's definitely a strong contender for that title. A+

Storm Shadow
This is one bloody nice Storm Shadow sculpt. It may actually be the best yet. I prefer the starker paint scheme on the 3-pack version, but the muted silver on this one is beautiful, too. He comes with a crazy zipline thing I didn't bother with, along with two swords. The only (minor) advantage he has over the 3-pack version is a small backpack to store the swords (which is actually more useful than a lot of other ninja weapons he can't hold). This sculpt also has the new, kickarse rocker ankles. Funny how some figures sacrifice that joint, and it's improved on others. A+

Storm Shadow (Ninja Showdown)
Like Snake Eyes, this figure comes really close to topping a figure that we thought of as perfect (Renegades Storm Shadow). He doesn't have a backpack for his swords, unfortunately, unless I mistakenly gave his to Snake Eyes, which is his only real drawback. Also, like Snake Eyes, I much prefer the 3-pack version. The black and grey details really add to the figure, though he'd be a bit nicer if his gloves were black as on box photo. That's too minor a quibble to hold against him. A+