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    I liked the idea of a red gator and the red get-up that Croc Master had. I'd buy one for $11. I suspect that whenever they do surface, they'll be the traditional $4.99 or $5.99 that Ross/Marshalls/TJ Maxx charges for Hasbro figures. Speaking of close out stores, I hope they start receiving the Dreadnoks/Marauders packs. I've been patient and may end up buying them from BBTS if they don't show up soon.

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    Amazon marked the Renegades set down to $20.99, and they have a pretty sweet "$5 off $25" deal going on right now via Facebook. Yup, I bit this lure. $5 a figure is unheard of now, and this has one new and two semi-new figures.

    Saw a Blowtorch at Rite-Aid this morning. While he was $14 ( ), this means these stores might be worth checking, too. I'm worried Blowtorch might become the closest thing to a "drugstore pegwarmer" we'll see out of these lost figures; I'm not willing to pay $11+ for an inferior repaint (extra accessories or not), and I imagine I'm not the only one who thinks this way.

    BTW, has anyone actually seen Crazylegs, Rock Viper, or Snake Eyes at drugstores? They're on, so I assume they were released (and I've seen loose Crazylegses on eBay, so I know he was).
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    I haven't seen the Crazylegs/Rock Viper wave, but I hope it shows up.

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    Other than the Jungle BATs I found earlier last week, I had no luck with Walgreen's sale. I even tried using the $4 coupon towards 2 TF Prime deluxes but got denied, although I did get BOGO 50% off on those.

    No luck at CVS either and I went to at least 3 with no toy sections at all.

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    Got the Renegades set in the mail today. Quite a sweet set; I rather love the packaging, surprisingly enough. This Snake Eyes looks much more awesome in person.
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    That was a really quick delivery on the Renegades set. Meanwhile, my copy of TDKR which had been preordered from Amazon didn't arrive until today!

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    Not really. I have Prime, chose the 2-day shipping option, and ordered on Thursday afternoon. The damned thing didn't even ship until yesterday. So, yeah, quick on the actual transit (though the doofuses put the box in a planter).
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    Amazon Renegades and Retaliation sets have dropped in price to just $14.99 now.

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    WTF?!? ARRRRRGH!!!!

    (Thanks, software, for not allowing all caps.)

    Might have to get another one at that price, y'know, to drown my sorrows over being shafted by five bucks.
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    Back to $31 for the Renegades set. Wanted to wait a single frickin' day to get another gift card that should be coming, and it doubled in price. I swear, Amazon pricing fluctuates so much, it can be frustrating. Ah, well, at least I got one. Debating whether the Retaliation set (which is still $15, probably because it's less popular) would be worth it for custom fodder. Probably not, since two of the figures lack some articulation and they have very few accessories.
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