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    Went by several Targets looking for after-Christmas clearance, and saw some Retaliation at all stores. Even items that had been clearanced were ringing up at full price (I was seriously hoping to get that ninja 3-pack for some insanely low price, but it was not to be). Methinks that they might have a home at Target and perhaps other stores with the next reset, since Hasbro's not bothering with a street date the second time around.

    I'm just hoping and praying that Wave 5 makes it to retail. I needs me some of that new Crimson Guardsman.
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    I concur about the latter waves making it to brick and mortar stores. They seem better put together than the first waves that hit. On the plus side, if they don't, Ross/Marshalls/TJ Maxx may be fruitful to go to again in about 15 months. I've been hoping more of the POC/30th would show up there, but it has yet to arrive, if it ever will.

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    I wouldn't give up yet. This is the time of year that Ross (especially) and the others get their best stuff. TRU POC exclusive figures, Resolute 7-packs, etc, etc. It looks to me like they get the stuff for Christmas, but all the employees say, "Restock this mess so it'll be trashed in a few hours? F this," and it all goes out after Christmas.

    As for the later waves, there's also the minor issue that, because of the delay, they've already revealed there are better versions of most of the Wave 1 figures coming out in Waves 3+, plus Waves 1-2 will be the first to hit. No one will want to buy, for instance, non-articulation reactor suit Duke or screwy hand Roadblock, and those figures could create a situation that makes Arctic Destro look like an amateur pegwarmer.
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    Just read on another site that the Wave 2 Retaliation 3-packs are hitting some Targets (which isn't a big deal; there'll be plenty of those to go around).

    But, more importantly, the Wave 2 Dollar General Discount Store Joes are hitting Marshall's, and for only $4.99. I definitely want Storm Shadow and will take all the Dukes and Cobra Troopers I can find, but am not too excited about the rest. (I might change my mind on Snake Eyes, depending on how he looks in person, but doubt it, especially with the second 3-pack Retaliation version being an homage to the same VvV figure.)
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    I've read that and am on the lookout. Nothing yet, so far. $4.99 is the right price for me.

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    I guess I forgot to mention it, but I found Snake Eyes 2 and Duke 2 at Marshalls in Palm Desert about a week ago. I wound up getting Snake Eyes. The color scheme is weird, but cool. No sightings yet of anyone else, and I've been hitting Marshalls every chance I get.

    But the bigger news: HOLY CRAP, DID YOU SEE THE TOYFAIR IMAGES?!?!?

    The "Ultimate" figures all look amazing. I hope they continue in that vein in the future. Data-Viper and Kwinn are finally getting a release, and look amazing. The Tomahawk is getting a full-on upgrade, and a new Lift-Ticket (who'll have to be content being someone else in my collection ) who has full articulation. Also, an unexpected vintage upgrade in Budo (who looks amazing, but so unlike the little we saw of Budo way back when that I'll use it as something else).
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    I am very excited about the Toy Fair reveals. All the new stuff looks great. I want about 10 Budos.

    I've only found Marshall's Snake Eyes and Duke. I need the other four if anyone finds extras. I'm also searching.

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    I'll keep an eye open for you. You do want Cobra Commander? He's a pretty easy pass for me.

    I think I said it, but I'm particularly looking for Storm Shadow T'Gin-Zu.
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    I'm super excited about the new Joe stuff! Hopefully they actually make it to retail!

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    Was out and about today, and found Flint, Firefly, Battle Kata Roadblock, Ninja Duel Snake Eyes, Sneak Attack (?) Storm Shadow, Lady Jaye, General Colton, Alley Viper, Black Dragon Dark ( ) Ninja, and Cyber Ninja at Target in Temecula, CA. I got the last five and passed on the others (Roadblock, Snake Eyes, and Storm Shadow are destined clearance items, and the other two just suck, particularly in comparison to the scheduled "Ultimate" versions). Probably a good thing; Target in Moreno Valley had clearly put out the same things, but was sold out of all that I'd bought except Cyber Ninja (who I'm guessing someone didn't want because he's a Wraith repaint, albeit an excellent one).

    No luck on the Discount Wave 2 at any of the Marshallses or TJ Maxxes I stopped by (nor at the Big Lots, Tuesday Mornings, and Rosses I checked, too, just in case).
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