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    And now I can't find a Colton anywhere.

    I picked up the Kreo Check Point Alpha a few weeks back and liked it enough to take advantage of TRU's Bogo sale on Kreo. Picked up 10 of the minifigures - Scarlett, Jinx, Torpedo, Quick Kick, Rock N' Roll, Cobra Ninja and extras of the Cobra Trooper and Alley Viper.

    Quick Kick comes with a Fudgee bar, how awesome is that??

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    I've seen everyone from Wave 3 at least once more, except for the Dark Ninja and Colton. The Cyber Ninja seems to be pretty unpopular.

    Looks like TRU has exclusive Jurassic Park sets that include "new" figures that are kitbashes of G.I. Joe parts, and those are hitting. I can't imagine those are going to be super popular, even with the quasi-Joe figures.
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    I picked up both the Mouse and Firefly 3 packs. At $19.99, these are an outright bargain.

    This Firefly is so great, I may not need the upcoming Ultimate version (if there is one).

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    But, IIRC, doesn't Ultimate Firefly come with (FINALLY!) the mini-HISS Scout?

    I noticed a lot of the "Ultimate" figures are unnecessary (Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow especially), but come with accessories that are worth the ten bucks.
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    Wow! I just opened my Cobra set with Firefly, and he really is a sweet figure!

    Two things I especially love about this set: First, Firefly comes with an extra knife and, since he uses the legs from the POC Cobra Trooper, and that figure was repainted into the Dollar General Cobra Officer (and Marshalls Cobra Trooper), who don't come with knives, my Cobra Officer doesn't have a naked sheath on his leg anymore. and, second, even if I would've liked a few more accessories, the "Cobra Shock Trooper Sergeant" (as I'm calling him) is a nice addition to my Shock Troopers and Alley Vipers. The parachute is nice enough that someone else will benefit from it. I'm guessing one of the ton of 25th Cobra Troopers I got cheap.

    Still haven't opened the Mouse set, but, at $20, and likely to be cleared out simply because kids won't buy Joe stuff when the movie tanks, these are definitely the new go-to source for custom fodder and accessories.
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    Saw the black VAMP (Ninja Crusher?) at the Redlands Target this morning, sitting behind six HISS Tanks. It had been retaped, like the one I saw before in Moreno Valley. I figured maybe that was the case with all of them and decided to get it. But I went to the bathroom first. In the two minutes that took, someone else picked it up. No joke. Get it immediately if you see it.

    Also, has anyone else seen or heard anything about the Marshalls Joes? Or did they completely dry up?
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    I've seen that Ninja Combat Cruiser 3 times but didn't get around to buying one. I thought I read reports about a cheaper grade of plastic being used on it?

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    Seen a lot of the Ninja Combat Cruiser around here, only Target so far I think, maybe 1 TRU. It really doesn't look like a piece that I'd buy, mainly for the colorscheme but also the lack of a windshield and an opening door to the rear section - weird how little things affect buying habits. It is clever how they took the 30th Anniversary VAMP and made it into something new, although "Ninja Combat Cruiser" is a nonsense name for this piece if it's not going to be black with big red Arashikage stripes across it.
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    I may be wrong about that one, but most of the vehicles are actually in the movie: the Night Landing, HISS, Ghost Hawk II, Water Moccasin (Fangboat), Firefly's motorcycle, the AWE Striker, the Tread Ripper. I don't remember seeing this, or the two Joe motorcycles.

    I totally have my eye on getting a handful of those motorcycles when they're marked down to $3, I suspect by July. My only concern is the Night Landing looks like an amazing set (it includes a fully-articulated Eel update that actually might work as Torpedo if there's no Cobra logo actually painted on him, along with fifty gazillion weapons), but it's in a later wave of the same series, and it might be really, really tough to get if the cycles don't start moving.
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    The Tread Ripper is a cheat though because they simply retooled the HISS Scout rather than making the actual Tread Ripper in the film: (check out their other stuff, reminds me of some of the early '80s Joe mini-vehicles and such).

    But anyway, yeah, you're right that most of the vehicles are in the film and the Ninja Cruiser and those bikes aren't.

    I kinda want the Firefly bike that shoots its wheel, but the bike in the movie is so vastly different and does a much cooler thing so I'm going to hold off.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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