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    Aww, hayle! If the 3-packs are on sale, I need to start hitting the Targets again.

    Then again, the last one I went to had just marked their bikes down... to $9.08.
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    Those three packs are outstanding. I bought several from HTS with the 15% coupon, so they came out to $17 each. A true and rare bargain these days.

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    With the figures running at $10, these are a steal at full price, particularly with the articulation and accessories. I swore if they even went to $15, I'd get every one I see.
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    Anyone else here?

    In Roanoke (VA), I picked up one extra each of the black-garbed Cobra Commander and Cobra Officer from Dollar General, as well as one each of the first two 3-packs (Ninja Dojo and Ninja Showdown) on clearance at Target. (They were $17, so not quite the "get every one they have" point, but I haven't seen those two in CA at all.) I looked more closely at Kamakura and Red Ninja, alongside pics of Nunchuk and Slice, and they'd require very, very little work if you're cool with an update instead of a completely faithful update.

    Also got a Snake Eyes mask for Chux Jr, and it makes a wonderful toy for the car, because she knows Snake Eyes can't talk and is silent when she wears it.

    BTW, the Shadow Strike Ninja from the Wolverine line is a 5-POA version of the Red Ninja mold in black, but a slightly different black scheme than the Retaliation Dark Ninja. (I know that sounds convoluted.) Pity he's only got five joints, but he's also cheaper, so he may make a good single extra ninja in the background.
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    <chirp, chirp>

    EE has Wave 3.5 (they call it Wave 4) for $119.99 with free shipping. I figure that's only eleven cents more than they'd cost in a store at $9.99, if I'm lucky enough to find them all. I can hunt extras of a few figures more easily than finding all twelve (and those b...ewitchin' accessories guarantee I want the "Ultimate" versions of the classic characters even though I've got a few of each that are probably as good or better).
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    EE still charges tax, though. BBTS charges shipping, but no tax and is $5 cheaper per case. HTS has several figures from that wave in stock. Use code mcdcrew2013 for 10% off your total order.

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    The second series Joes have shown up at the local Dollar Generals. I picked up Storm Shadow on Monday. I also found the Eaglehawk helicopter at Toys'R'Us in Marietta. I had a 20% coupon, so I got it for about $36.00 with tax.

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    I finally found most of the Wave 2 Joes at Dollar General in Banning last night. Snake Eyes was gone; I assume a kid must've wanted a Snake Eyes figure since there's no other way I could see just him being gone. I picked up Storm Shadow and the Cobra Trooper (interesting that both versions are called "Trooper," but have the Officer symbol on their helmets).

    Really, really liking the Cobra more than I expected, which may sound odd since I've got this mold twice already. The comic-styled colors really look good on him, though.
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    Not sure how long the sale is on for, but I discovered today that Dollar General's toys are buy one, get one half off. Which worked out nicely, since they seem to be restocking the repaint wave and I scored two blue Cobra Officers for less than the cost of one basic Retaliation figure.
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    Ugh. I wish I had a Dollar General near me.


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