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    Still have never seen a Night Viper in the wild.

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    Got the Blind Master at TRU yesterday; wasn't even looking for stuff for me. No sign of Jinx or Night Viper, but an unexpectedly large number of all the previously rare figures from the first three waves except for Joe. (First time I've seen more than one Dark Ninja at once, and maybe only the second or third time total.)
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    Evidently, the last two waves are hitting Ross and Tuesday Morning. I have yet to personally confirm that, relying solely on internet reports.

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    Looks like Ross and TM are in my future. That would be the wave of 12 all-new figures and the mostly repack wave with Jinx, BM (hee hee), and NV, right?

    I wanted to do a little army building on some of these figures, but really didn't want to pay $10 each.
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    Now we all have a chance to army build these waves.

    Hoping that this goes through:

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    Hit three Rosses and a Tuesday Morning today. Struck out at all but one Ross, where I got an extra Ultimate Flint and Ultimate Cobra Commander. I figured with figures being $10 now, $5 was worth it for the mini-FANG.
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    I'd love to find some Cobra Combat Ninjas and Ultimate Dukes. And Night Vipers. Lots of Night Vipers...

    But at $5, I doubt I'll be too choosy.

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    What are you interested in at the five buck point, and I'll keep my eyes in banana mode. Y'know, peeled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    What are you interested in at the five buck point, and I'll keep my eyes in banana mode. Y'know, peeled.
    Thanks. I'm probably looking for the same things you are: Cobra Combat Ninjas, Ultimate Dukes, and Night Vipers are my most wanted, but I'd gleefully purchase Red Ninjas, Dark Ninjas, Cyber Ninjas, Alley Vipers, Data Vipers, Crimson Guards, Ultimate Flints, Kwinns, GI Joe Troopers, and Cobra Troopers at the $5 price point.

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    Shoot. I was coming in here to report finding several Kwinns at a Tuesday Morning on the way to the dentist this morning. I didn't get any because I couldn't see too much custom or army-building potential in him. If I find him again at that point, I'll get one for you.

    What about the other Ultimates? Firefly, Storm Shadow, and Cobra Commander have those sweet "mini-rigs," and Firefly's just an incredible simple figure.

    Also, still up for $6 Dollar General Dukes and Cobras, right?
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